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SOPA or the Stop Online Piracy Act was a proposed that intended to go after copyright violators by restricting access to the problem website that facilitates or host the material. Though SOPA intended target was overseas violators the language itself was vague and opened a door to hold U.S. companies accountable for many reasons. Supporters of SOPA included the owners of the copyrighted material being distributed such as many Hollywood studios. From their point of view they require protection against pirates because if their copyrighted material is pirated is cost them money. On the other hand however major computer and internet companies such as Google and among many felt SOPA made them by law accountable for copyright violations of others, using their website. For example the vague language of the bill states “a site could be deemed a SOPA scofflaw if it facilitates copyright infringements.” (, making anybody accountable.

This paper will analyze from a few perspectives what where the potential implications of SOPA and will attempt to analyze ethically what this failed law means to both sides of the table. Additionally it will explore a bit the relevant legal principles and rule of law by analyzing what SOPA means legally to all. Lastly all the involved companies protecting their investment and their interests by taking a stand on both side of the issue but what about society? The Social responsibility goes above the legal and moral laws of these companies. Is Hollywood and Silicon Valley only looking out only for their interest or the wellbeing of the society? We will attempt to answer these questions as we explore the what is known today as the battle of Hollywood vs. Silicon Valley.

How do you define SOPA and social responsibility? Social responsibility is simply a moral…...

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