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March 14, 2013


Recently in many areas of the State of Texas the speed limit has been changed. While some areas have remained at the 70 mph limit that many drivers have become accustom to, other areas have seen increases from 75 mph up to 85 mph. But, what effect does this have on drivers that travel between these areas with varying speed limits? This study is being conducted to determine what these changes in speed limits have on drivers. With the current speed limit of 70 mph, how fast do driver truly drive? And given the average speed it is the goal of this study to determine if drivers will increase their speeds proportionally in the new high speed zones. While there is much debate on the speed limits and the effects it has on drivers, this study will serve to provide an accurate study on whether or not driver actually pay any attention to the posted speed limits. In addition the driving habits of today’s driver will be examined in relation to posted speed limits on many of the Texas highways.


The Speed Zone Study will be conducted in an effort to better understand how the recent changes in the posted speed limit affect drivers on those highways. To better understand how these changes affect drivers this study will monitor traffic in areas with different speed limits. The goal is to determine if driver adhere to the posted speed limit or if drivers exceed the posted speed limit. If drivers exceed the posted speed limit that excess will be calculated and then compared to the speeds in the new higher speed limit zones. Do drivers exceed the new speed limit proportionally?
The setting of this study will be a section of Interstate 45 north of Houston Texas. Beginning at mile marker 101 south of Huntsville Texas up to mile marker 136, approximately 25 miles of highway has seen an increase in the speed limit…...

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