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Staci M. Harris
February 13, 2012
Speed is important but in my opinion you must master the task first, then you can find ways that allow you to be fast and efficient. I do have areas in my life in which I think I could improve my speed and that would be to stop procrastinating and become more punctual, that’s with my personal life I am never on time for anything. On my job I think I have my skills mastered so speed is of no big concern. Yes I feel guilty when I have to rush and that’s prioritizing speed on many levels, getting ready, driving, just an all the way round tense situation.
The areas in my life were I feel the greatest time crunch would be in my personal life with family events, church, I am not able to get there on time. But I am able to get to work on time but I think it’s only because I know there are consequences for being tardy. And with a family event it’s to flexible and no hard consequences to face. Oh yes I always feel guilty because you interrupt the service and there’s always something that you miss and then my stress level increase. How I have learned to handle time crunch is considering all the people involved and how I would react. So I now have learned to not procrastinate and plan ahead.
The area in my life in which I was always afraid to speed up was doing paper work to quickly, I would then have to sacrifice my leisure time. The way I can speed up with my paper work would be to do some every day and not leave it all for one day. Too much leisure time and not work.
Ability to detect opportunities in your environment-8
Willingness to take risks for the sake of speed-5
Responsiveness to changes in your environment-8
Effective multitasking-9
Prioritizing and making smart decisions about how you’re spending your time-9
Identifying and utilizing trusted…...

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