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Spending and Saving

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"Comparative Analysis on the Savings Behavior of Public and Private Tertiary Students in Batangas City"
People’s savings decision is rationally based on their economic situation and preferences. Saving money is a hard task to accomplish though it always gives an impression that when things came up, there goes your savings. We cannot deny the fact that saving money is cornerstone of the successful money management plan. Without savings, you cannot expect to survive if something goes wrong. That is why we have to give emphasis on the development of having a good saving habit. If there is always an attitude of savings individuals would not worry about their future expenses even if uncertain things come especially with resource to finance. There are many ways on how people can save and develop a savings habit. .

Moreover, due to the culture of the Filipinos, the Batangueños or the residents of Batangas City wanted to make a change for a better future. It is due to the reason that having fun in spending their money for unreasonable reasons or occasions like fiestas, birthdays and the likes would decrease their savings. They need to have the knowledge on how to save money for their own benefits in case of emergencies or immediate needs of funds. People in Batangas City wanted to learn the proper way of saving their money and adopting a savings habit.

Thus, the study is conducted to determine the savings behavior of tertiary students in public and private institutions in Batangas City.

This study aims to describe the attitudes of college students towards money and their savings. The researchers chose this topic because they do believe that saving money is really important. Some of the reasons why saving money is important has something to do with security and safety, while other reasons deals with the practical aspect of trying to plan head for major expenses.

In terms of emergencies, it is so important to save money. While no one likes to think about the possibility of losing their job, becoming disabled, or having some other sort of disastrous financial crisis, in the future the fact still remains that it might still occur. Even such small emergencies, are better handled by having saved money along the way, as opposed to having scrape money together during a crisis. Saving money is so important for these types of situations. If at all possible, you should have a savings at least of three months worth of your expenses to help in case of emergencies.

Saving money is important for planning ahead, too. Almost every parent would like to see their children go to college. However, many children were not be able to go to college due to the lack of funds. That is the reason why they need to find a way to pay for college or take out student loans. Student loans may not be enough to cover all of their expenses.

Saving money is an important part of providing for your child or children’s’ education. Education is not the only area that parents should consider for the future of their children.

Finally, saving money can be an important part of just enjoying life. Taking a trip to Disney Land is a lot more enjoyable when you know that you have paid for the trip with money from your savings, as opposed to the use of credit cards and paying the trip for years to come. The researchers used the selected public and private universities in Batangas City as the respondents of the study. Since college students are not much aware to the economic situation of the country, the researchers will try to teach them to save through their study.…...

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