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Spreadsheet Analysis & Modeling
Questions for Final Exam

1. What is name range? How can ranges be named? What are its uses? 2. What is lookup in Excel? What are the different kinds of lookup functions? What are its uses? 3. What is Index function? Write down the procedure of index function. What are its uses? 4. What is Match function? How you can write an Index and Match functions in a nested way? What are its uses? 5. Describe different kinds of text functions in Excel (such as left, right, mid). 6. How can you put date in Excel? What are its uses? 7. What is NETWORKINGDAYS function in Excel? What is NETWORKINGDAYS.INT function in Excel? What are its uses? 8. What is workday and WORKDAY.INT functions in Excel? What are its uses? 9. What is Net Present Value? How do NPV and XNPV function work in Excel? What are its uses? 10. What is internal rate of return (IRR)? How do IRR, XIRR, and MIRR work in Excel? What are its uses? 11. What is present value? How does PV function work? What are its uses? 12. What is Future Value? How does FV function work? What are its uses? 13. Write down the functions of PMT, PPMT, IPMT. How can you use these functions to prepare a loan amortization schedule? 14. Write down the function of IF Statement, AND, OR and XOR. 15. Describe different Time functions. What are its uses? 16. What is What If Analysis? Describe different kind of what if analysis. What are its uses? 17. What do you mean by Sensitivity Analysis? What are its uses? 18. Describe difference between What if analysis and sensitivity analysis. 19. What is data table? How do one-way and two-way data tables work in Excel? What are their uses? 20. What is scenario manager? Describe the process of using scenario manager. 21. What is the importance of sensitivity analysis?…...

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...Cumberland Industries' financial planners must forecast the company's financial results for the coming year. The forecast for many items will be based on sales, and any additional funds needed will be obtained as notes payable. a. Assuming the historical trend continues, what will sales be in 2010? Base your forecast on a spreadsheet regression analysis of the 2004-2009 sales data above, and include the summary output of the regression in your answer. By what percentage are sales predicted to increase in 2010 over 2009? Is the sales growth rate increasing or decreasing? Here are the company's historical sales. Hint: Use the Trend function to forecast sales for 2010. Year Sales Growth Rate 2004 129,215,000 2005 180,901,000 40.0% 2006 235,252,000 30.0% 2007 294,065,000 25.0% 2008 396,692,000 34.9% 2009 455,150,000 14.7% 2010 515,465,267 % Increase in Predicted Sales for 2010 over 2009: 2009 Sales 455,150,000 2010 Sales 515,465,267 % increase 13.25% Note: This growth rate has been declining over time. b. Cumberland’s management believes that the firm will actually experience a 20 percent increase in sales during 2010. Construct 2010 pro forma financial statements. Cumberland will not issue any new stock or long-term bonds. Assume Cumberland will carry forward its current amounts of short-term investments and notes payable, prior to calculating AFN. Assume that any Additional Funds Needed (AFN) will be raised as notes payable (if AFN is...

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...Week 3 DQ 2 Forecasting Methods Read Problem 6 in Chapter 6 of your textbook.  Calculate and answer parts a through d. Include all calculations and spreadsheets in your post. Explain why the moving average method was used instead of another forecasting method. What might be another forecasting method that could prove to be just as useful?  Your initial post should be 200-250  words. Below see the number of mergers that took place over a 12-year period in the savings and loan industry. |Year |  |Mergers |  |Year | |2005 |61 |52.6 |8.4 |70.56 | |2006 |83 |55.6 |27.4 |750.76 | |2007 |123 |63 |60 |3,600 | |2008 |97 |75.2 |21.8 |475.24 | |2009 |186 |85.6 |100.4 |10,080.16 | |2010 |225 |110 |115 |13,225 | |2011 |240 |142.8 ...

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