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St James Hospital

Waste identification and elimination
Waste is seen as a wide range of non-added value activities and costs. Waste are evident in material management and in administration systems. a) Purchasing * purchasing administration (too many suppliers) * too many buyers b) Inventory * excess inventory * duplicated inventory * excess materials in standard packs * use of expensive items in lieu of low-cost ones c) Process * process complexity in Urology administration * cancelled appointments in Urology surgery
a) Elimination of waste in the purchasing system. Jimmy's relationship with suppliers is changing from a medium-term trading commitment towards a more stable long-term relationship with fewer suppliers.
The main challenge appears to be the medical staff's preferences for a wide range of different types of materials. To reduce input variety means standardisation, and this can be achieved by negotiation/persuasion, or by imposition/conflict. Jimmy's Supplies Manager seems to have used the former approach using cross-functional task forces. Suppliers must be assessed for their capability and interest, in order to ensure that they are likely never to fail to deliver as promised. The risks, then, are around the actual dependability and quality of the suppliers. As is emphasized in the case, low cost (of the purchased items) is no longer the predominant issue: long-term value for money in the overall purchasing/inventory processes is more critical.
b) Use of kanban systems for some inventory management. Development - two-bin system for consumable independent items. The empty carton will become the kanban communication direct with purchasing, eliminating the waste effort of the Ward Sister.
c) Use of cellular operations. The case describes the complexity of the existing system for Urology…...

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