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Stereotype Paper
Leona Wolford
PHI 103: Informal Logic
Erik Hudak
December 17, 2012

A stereotype is a generalization that people make about the characteristics of another person or group of people. I have stereotyped against other people and have been stereotyped by others. Stereotypes are created about people of specific cultures, races, gender or sexual orientation. A professor from the University of Toronto, Scarborough, Dr. Michael Inzlicht, indicated that “past studies have shown that people perform poorly in situations where they feel they are being stereotyped” (Kemick, 2010, para. 2). The first stereotype I will discuss is about African Americans. They have many stereotypes. The first common stereotype is that they’re all athletic. The argument for this stereotype could be:
Michael Jordan was a talented basketball player
Jerry Rice was one of the best wide receivers in the NFL
Joe is African American, therefore, he must be a talented athlete
The fallacy we see in this argument is hasty generalization. Our text states that the “fallacy of hasty generalization is committed when the conclusion is based on insufficient information: a generalization is made too quickly” (Mosser, 2011, p. 4.2). The assumption that Joe is a talented athlete just because of his racial background and color does not provide enough evidence to substantiate and prove the claim. Joe may not be athletic whatsoever, and may be more of a bookworm or be involved in activities other than sports. One cannot assume that just because Joe is black that he is an athlete or any other stereotype related to African American people. Some other stereotypes associated with African Americans is that they are lazy, like to eat chicken and drink kool-aid, ghetto or musically gifted. The second stereotype is the difference between genders – men versus women. One popular stereotype…...

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...Stereotypes Paper Growing up I did not have much exposure to African American males and to me they looked mean. My whole life, I have been uncomfortable if I am in the presence of an older African American male. In addition, when I was a teenager my family was friends with an African American couple. The wife was sweet as she could be but the husband would get drunk and tell me that he was going to kidnap me and take where no one could find me because I looked like Wonder Woman. I told my mom about this and he never did make any actions to make us think he was serious. Because of that one experience and lack of exposure with other races when I was young, I now look at older African American males with distrust. I know that not every African American male is going to be like that but that experience will stay with me forever. Another stereotype I have trouble with is with Arab Americans. My family had friends that were Arab Americans when I was teenager and young adult and they were the nicest family. After 9/11, I feel uncomfortable around Arab American males. Once again, I know that not all Arab Americans are the same or are terrorists, but I cannot help the small degree of anxiety I feel around Arab American males. If I am correct, the terrorists responsible for 9/11 were not even Arabs. I think some of this could be because THEY feel targeted as well and I have simply not had a tremendous amount of interaction With Arab Americans until the because a focal point......

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...STEREOTYPES A stereotype is a rigid, widely held prototype about the general characteristics of a group of people. Many stereotypes are about racial and ethnic groups, age groups, and the sexes. Other stereotypes have to do with such acquired characteristics as education or occupation. Stereotypes of accountants and engineers hold that both groups have poor social skills, and a common stereotype of people with MBA degrees is that these people are arrogant and overly concerned with the bottom line. Stereotypes cause problems for at least two reasons. First, because they are so general, it it risky to apply them to particular people. Many individuals differ from stereotypes applied to them. A German man who spent many years in Japan and spoke Japanese fluently found that people in that country often did not understand him , only if he spoke to them in peson. No one has had trouble understanding him when he spoke over the telephone. Apparently, am assumption that foreigners cannot learn Japanese-that is, a stereotype about foreigners –prevented people from understanding this man if they saw he was a foreigner. A person who repeatedly makes mistakes using stereotype may not have been exposed to other groups enough to have developed accurate prototypes. Another source of problem is that because stereotypes are widely held, they are sometimes hard to notice. If you aren’t aware you have a particular stereotype, you cannot check whether it truly applies to a particular person or......

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...RUNNING HEADER: Stereotypes 1 Stereotypes Throughout My Life John Doe PHI Dr. Dolittle 6-6-2013 Stereotypes 2 Stereotypes Throughout My Life Stereotyping has always been a part of human nature. Stereotyping is preconceived opinion of a person or group of people based on an oversimplified conception, opinion, or image. The reasons for this belief are numerous ranging from self preservation to prejudice. For instance, if someone encounters an individual wearing gang colors and gang related attire the perspective of that person might be that they are dangerous, involved in illegal activity, or an outcast from main stream society. In reality, this person may only be wearing matching colored sports team clothing to show support of their favorite team. Regardless of the reason for stereotyping, the fact remains that it “has a lasting negative impact on those who experience it.” (Kemick, 2011). This paper will prove that military service, level of education, and race can have negative impacts on those who experience it. People who serve in the military are often stereotyped by those who have not served in the military with certain characteristics. The characteristics range from being rigid, non-conformist, conservative, obsessive compulsive, controlling, aggressive, stern, domineering, and even having the propensity to use force to solve a problem. This belief is often held because of the stringent training that all......

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...Common Stereotypes Lori Woodard PHI 103 Aaron Novinger May 7, 2012 Running Head: Common Stereotypes Stereotyping in generally is characterized as a way of discrimination through prejudicial preconceived perceptions. It mainly consists of hasty generalizations about an individual based on these prejudices. Some examples of common misconceptional prejudices are women are the weaker sex, Jewish people are obsessed with money, and Blacks are more likely to be anti-social, violent, and more likely to commit a crime. (Rivers, 2011)In my lifetime, I have faced many stereotypes. Of the many that are out there, the three main stereotypes I still face today are gender stereotyping, social and economic status stereotyping, and ethnical stereotyping. Gender stereotyping has been one of the most common stereotypes I have had to face. This is because I had been born a female. The most common stereotypes about woman are they are the weaker sex, they are better barefoot and pregnant, and their place is to raise the children and to stay in the kitchen. This perception...

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