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Marc Forster, director of ‘Stranger than Fiction’ and Marion Halligan, the author of ‘Café
Society’ both uses connections between setting and character to convey ideas. They do this by relating the setting to the character therefore moving the plot forward, using the setting to develop ideas about the characters and forming relations through characters via the settings and their living environment.

The movie ‘Stranger than Fiction’, and the short story ‘Café Society’, both use the setting to give more information about a character. In the novel ‘Café Society’, the story is set in mostly a café. Café’s are normally quite quirky, artistic places where people go to relax or form ideas and just take a minute for them selves. The main character in the novel is Frances she is a creative, imaginative person herself and because she is a writer and can picture herself in different situations throughout her lifetime. In the novel she constantly changes the story from reality and illusion, and the reader as to get their head around which is which before continuing with the story. Marion Halligan, the author of ‘Café Society’, has written this novel so that the character’s personality and actions are similar to the setting and the place that the story is primarily based around connected with the character. The same sort of concept applies with the text, ‘Stranger than Fiction’. The main character, Harold Crick is a 40 something man, single and work is his first priority. He lives in an ordinary, plain apartment on his own and his style of clothes is basic and simple. He works in a tax department which is dull and boring. Harold’s apartment and work describes his character, that before things start to change for him, he lives a very effortless and un-exciting lifestyle. Marc Forster the director of the film has done this so we understand what kind of life Harold lives before…...

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