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Summer Fragrance Trends

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Summer fragrance trends

Summer fragrance trends
Tuesday, December 2, 2008 According to Pierre-Constantin Guéros, perfumer for the international fragrance house Drom, besides the obvious impact of niche and celebrity fragrance trends on the market, some key compositions are currently also on trend. Slideshow: 2009 summer fragrances "Woody notes were always part of feminine fragrances including patchouli, sandalwood and cedar wood, but what we are seeing now are feminine fragrances where the main character is woody," says Guéros.
Pretty Nina by Nina Ricci (50ml), $89

According to fragrance expert Michael Edwards, this trend is evident in a range of fragrance offerings across prestige, celebrity and niche fragrance categories. "Sensuous by Estée Lauder, Sycomore from Chanel's Les Exclusifs range, A Velvet Hour by Kate Moss, Sweet Lime & Cedar by Jo Malone and Thierry Mugler's Miroir de Vanities are all very different interpretations of this new take on a woody theme for feminine fragrances," says Edwards. A floral bouquet for men In a similar shift away from the traditional or expected, Edwards says there are more and more fruity and floral notes in masculine perfumes. "For me, a couple of the standout fragrances leading this trend include Dior Homme which brings an iris note to the forefront, and Fleur de Male which with its strong orange flower has turned this male fragrance into a floral oriental," says Edwards.

Estée Lauder Sensuous EDP (100ml), $100

Notes good enough to eat What was considered a revolution 15 years ago — the chocolate gourmand notes in Thierry Mugler's Angel — is now becoming more mainstream. "There are two key ways I see gourmand notes being used right now. The first is in sweet fragrances, featuring notes such as vanilla, caramel or fudge, which are predominately targeted at a young market," says Guéros. "On the other hand you have a more subtle use of ingredients such as brandy or other liquor notes like amaretto or absinthe that are being seen in high-end fine fragrance." Edwards observes that these notes are finding their way into a range of different fragrances. "What is interesting is that gourmand notes are now being incorporated into floral fragrances such as Reflections by Revlon and Pretty Nina by Nina Ricci along with floral oriental fragrances like M by Mariah Carey and Paco Rabanne Ultra Red," says Edwards.

Dior Homme EDT (50ml), $80

Raw materials all the rage Besides fragrance composition trends, certain raw materials enjoy a resurgence from time to time. It seems the green movement is also influencing the world of fragrance. According to fragrance consultant Nicolas Olczyk for the fragrance website, green is totally in this spring/summer, and it has inspired couturiers, designers and perfumers alike.

Jo Malone Sweet Lime & Cedar Cologne (30ml), $80

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