Sustainable Design Strategies

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The notion of sustainability is becoming more of a preferred approach rather than an option in current design achievements. Sustainable design strategies are being put into practice in hopes of LEED recognition along with environmental greatness. Routes that have been proven a success have used the Integrated Design Process (IDP) to plan and execute a project with maximum sustainable features. IDP is a “Collaborative process that focuses on the design, construction, operation and occupancy of a building over its complete life cycle…The IDP requires a multidisciplinary design team that includes or acquires the skills required to address all design issues flowing from the objectives” (Perkins and Stantec). As summarized in the Roadmap for IDP, the process is comprised of seven different phases; Pre-Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documentation, Bidding & Construction Commissioning, Building Operation, and Post-Occupancy. Based on the type of occupancy, specialized team members are chosen strategically to partake in either all or a few of the phases. The occupancy for question in this case is that of a hotel.

For starters, the core team will come together and begin Phase 1 of the IDP. Generally the core team is comprised of the client, architect, landscape architect, mechanical, structural and electrical engineer. However, for a wider scope in perspective, other specialists such as a contractor, building operator, ecology and energy specialist may be present.

Arguably, the most important part of this phase is choosing the site or base building. Given the nature of occupancy, as a hotel is mostly frequented for tourism or business, it will be beneficial for it to be near large city centers. The close proximity would minimize the use of automobile transportation as most attractions are within walking distance. However, another way to…...

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