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Symbolism –Rendering the Hidden Meaning of the Story

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Symbolism –Rendering The Hidden Meaning of The Story Symbolism is an important element in reinforcing the meaning of a story. It is a kind of formalist strategies which helps the reader understand the images that the author is trying to say in words. Symbolism is widely used in “The Story of An Hour” and “The Cranes”, which use conventional symbols, literary symbols, and even allegory. “The Story of An Hour” is written by Kate Chopin. Mrs. Mallard hears of her husband’s death from her husband’s friend Richards. At first, she feels depressed, but then she feels free and can have her own new life after thinking things through. Sadly, her “new” life is cut short by the abrupt return of Mr. Mallard. Mrs. Mallard, who has a bad heart, was so stricken by the fact that her husband is alive that she dropps dead on the spot. “The Cranes” is written by Peter Meinke. A couple goes to the Gulf to watch the birds- Cranes. After that, they commit suicide because they are fed up with life, which is full of sickness, illness and pain. In both stories, symbols play a role in conveying the central meanings that make the theme of the stories outstanding. “The Cranes” is a story in which the author uses symbols to render sadness and romance. The first and the main symbol is the title of the story- The Cranes. Cranes traditionally symbolize life and longevity. The author uses cranes to symbolize the couple and their relationship. “… they mate for life and live a long time…” (Meinke, 260). Meinke wants to express that the couple love each other very much and that they are perfect soul-mates for each other. They are life-time partners. The extinction of cranes also symbolizes the problem that the couple has. Children are very different and new generations now who have different values from their parents. The wife in the story worries about her children. This shows the communication…...

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