Target Alcohol Initiative

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The Target Alcohol Initiative Project Management: BUS 517

The Target Alcohol Initiative
How Target can stay in contention with Wal-Mart The Target Alcohol Initiative is the addition of a full functioning Alcohol Beverage Center (ABC) inside the establishment while still operating as a family oriented superstore. To monitor aggregate resource levels and skills while keeping within the overall scope of Target. The resources, would be the information collected and analyzed about the Alcohol Beverage center, the ins and out of how to run and maintain the flow of customers to the ABC Store inside of Target. The main thing that needs to happen to get this project moving, is to locate a position inside the establishment or sit down and draw plans to add an addition to the store, like blow out a side or the back to make room for this new adventure that is going to make us competitive with Wal-Mart. Now that the plans are set in motion, the project manager will seek out trained and qualified personnel to set up and get all the programs and functioning system up and running. Once the system and the programs are up and running, they will need to get with all the suppliers for the amounts and delivery of all the alcohol and merchandise that will be in the store for the displays and inventory. Phase one is almost complete and now on to phase two of the set up and stocking of our Alcohol Beverage Center (ABC Store). Now the experts come on the scene to get the ball rolling in a positive direction,…...

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