Target Corporation Supply Chain Assignment

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Target’s Supply Chain
Unit 2 Assignment
GB570 Managing the Value Chain
Dr. Rita Gunzelman
Kaplan University
December 12, 2011

Target’s Supply Chain The purpose of this paper is to show evidence of cohesive knowledge of the supply chain and how it works by the exploration of Target Corporation’s supply chain. Target, one of the nations largest retail chains, first opened in 1962 in Minnesota as key leadership were looking for new ways to move from a family-run (The Dayton Family) department store to a mass market national chain strengthening customer relationships by appealing to value-oriented shoppers in quest of a higher-quality experience. Today, Target operates approximately 1750 stores (including nearly 240 SuperTarget stores) in 49 states with Gregg Steinhafel as their CEO. We will review the effectiveness of Target’s supply chain and analyze if it meets the necessary expectations of their demand chain. (Target, 2011)
Overview of Target’s Supply Chain Target, the 2nd largest discount-retailer in the U.S. has focused on their slogan, “Expect More Pay Less” and strategizes to increase optimal value and growth for global networking, an exclusive upscale and trendy product line, and value added service that creates a distinctive niche throughout the world. This multi-billion dollar company set out to change how consumers thought about discount shopping by offering a more upscale shopping experience. In 1998, Target purchased Associated Merchandising Corporation (AMC) as part of the development of their global service network in efforts to offer products at more competitive prices and survive one of their biggest competitors, Walmart. Target and its founders have always focused on constantly reducing costs, improving sales, adopting efficient and competent distribution and logistics management systems while using sophisticated and…...

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