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Technology Support Team
University Of Phoenix
Tech 401
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Technology Support Staff
A Technology support team composed of with the right individuals for the job is vital to the company’s success and reputation for several reasons. When the customers call the support center with an issue the technology support staff is often the consumers first and last impression of a company. The customer support team along with the technology support team helps establish or builds an immediate opinion to the customers about the products and brands sold by a company. The most significant reason that a consumer calls the technology support department of a company in the first place is because they have an issue with the services rendered or the product that was purchased. If the support team is ineffective the customer in return creates dissatisfaction in technology support individual.
In order to avoid these issues the company must begin by building an effective technology support staff, getting the stakeholder buy in. High level management and or executives within the company should be the primary stakeholders. American based companies view technology support as significant because there is a direct impact on sales.
Documentation of technology support issues, responses and fixes is key in developing a well functioning technology support team. It is preferable to have a computerized trouble ticket system in place with a database backend to aid in resolving consumer issues. This way the resolutions for the most frequent consumer problems are easily accessible. In addition, an effective computer response system should provide a trouble tree like work flow. This allows the technology support team member to walk through a series of steps with the customer in deducing the cause and nature of the problem.
The absence of some form of computerized technology…...

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