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Technology and Society
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Computers, how could we function without them? I am amongst an era where computers are something that seemed unattainable seen on a science fiction program. Many in my day thought that communicating with others from another state or another country was wishful thinking that would never in fact come to light. Look at the world now, with Y2K threatening a huge upheaval due to the fact one didn’t know if a computer was capable of changing to the year 2000. The world is so dependent of computers; simple daily activities are not capable without the help of this magic machine. Early computers were electro-mechanical, which means they used mechanical components as part of the computing process. The Harvard Mark I was one of many such machines, but it is unique because a team of engineers at IBM were involved in its creation (Smith, 2013). The 5-ton computer, completed in 1944, read instructions via paper taper. It lacked many of the features of modern computers but inspired additional work both at Harvard (where it ended up) and at IBM (which helped to engineer it) (Smith, 2013). With technology smelling blood in the water, programmers were forced to step up their game to trump the previous creator. Early computers built in the 1940s were government programs usually funded by a national military, but commercialization quickly developed. The first commercial computer was the UNIVAC I, which was built for a division of the Remington Rand company which are the same company that creates firearms (Smith, 2013). This computer was deemed successful with the prediction of Eisenhower’s election into the presidency in 1952. In the late 1970’s many computers were coming to light and were proving their worthiness including the Apple IIc, which did not stop production till 1993 with over 6…...

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