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Technology Assessment

Using internet databases, I have researched the regulatory requirements related to technology with the health care industry. Within this assignment, I have identified and analyzed my belief of the most significant new technology requirements for the health care industry. I have analyzed the basic technology underlying health care information systems. I also have made a recommendation of an innovation and explained how my recommendation can improve the overall level of health care in my community. Lastly, I have suggested a key action that senior health care leadership can take in the community to push the boundaries of information technology management.
Most New Significant Technology Requirements for Health Care
I believe that the most new significant technology requirement for health care is the use of electronic medical records (EMR). This is a digital form of a paper chart which encompasses the medical and treatment history of the patients in one office. An EMR permits a physician to track data over time, easily pinpoint which patients are due for preventive screenings, and check on how patients are doing on particular parameters like blood pressure readings or vaccines (Electronic Medical Record, 2014). They also monitor and improve the general quality of care within the clinic or hospital.
Providers should approach the implementation of the EMR with seriousness. I say this because As of January 2014 all public and private healthcare providers must have adopted and established meaningful use of electronic medical records in order to uphold their present Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement levels (Digital Record-Keeping Will Be Required of Public and Private Healthcare Providers, 2013). Therefore, consequences do exist for non-compliance, meaning the health care providers who haven’t executed EMR systems will have a decline in…...

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