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Characteristics of an Effective Television Caster



The complexity of mass media as a communication channel lies in the fact that news travels far and wide to reach millions of viewers and listeners. The television presents an audio-visual element in mass media, and therefore its content must appeal to both the eyes and the ears. It is through the television casters that the visual and sound appeals are attained, hence these casters are required to possess a variety of characteristics in order achieve effectiveness.
Knowledge base is essential for every television caster, and this can be achieved through a thorough understanding of history, issues, geography, and names. This knowledge is then presented in a good perspective for the benefit of the viewers. (Kendt, 2005).
An effective television caster must possess the ability to synthesize new information. We live in a world of ‘breaking news’, where there’s always something new each minute. A television caster must be able to sift, organize and give priority to data, as he/she ensures that important facts are retained.
Each profession is guarded by a set of moral principles. An effective television caster must be ethical. It is especially important that the television caster achieves a high level of sensitivity to breaking news and to information with unknown sources. Ethics is also applied when handling graphical information, or any piece of information that can endanger the safety of the public. (Kendt, 2005).
It is required that a television caster possesses a good command of the language. This is important in storytelling, interviewing and skillful questioning. An effective television caster must be able to multitask by simultaneously taking charge of issues, instructions, information from social media, as he monitors various sources of information.

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