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Tennessee Williams once said “Symbols are nothing but the natural speech of drama.”(where I live 20) His disposition to transform the world of his experience into symbols can be found throughout his writing. The Glass Menagerie is one of Williams’ greatest plays and one of the most intense in terms of symbolism. The very title of the play is a symbol, and symbols occupy almost every sentence. It is said that this literary work was written as an allegory of his own life’s disappointments. The characters, lighting, glass, and even the props all prove to be somewhat symbolic in nature.
In the play a southern family, trapped by poverty and codependency, struggles to survive in St. Louis. The story is narrated by Tom Wingfield who struggles with choosing between his own personal dreams versus accepting the reality of his families situation. Tom and his family live in an alley apartment and survive mainly on Tom's salary from a shoe factory. Having dreams that are bigger than St Louis he lives in a fantasy world and his mind is comsumed with thoughts of escaping their dreary lifestyle. The fire escape and goingto the movies are his only solice. He is able to live vicariously through the characters on screen, watching their adventures cause he is not able to live his own. Toms sister Laura is slightly cripple and is incredibly insecure. She had to wear a brace on her leg because of a childhood disease so she felt inferior. She said it sounded like thunder when she would walk causing her to refrain from venturing into new possibilities. She chooses instead to live in an alternate universe where her collection of glass figurines and her victrola records prove to be her only companions. Amanda Tom’s mom is a former southern belle who lives in the past. She constantly dreams of yesteryear, of her youth and her…...

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