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“Testagrossa Agrees” Discussion Questions

Part 1 1. Testagrossa was said to be a man with a big round head on a very thin, skinny body. He wore a huge cloaked that drowned his figure making him look like a scarecrow. He had a flat face with a wide mouth, squashed nose, and green eyes. He seemed to have a very mysterious and mischievous look on his face. He seemed to be portrayed as a very uppity and active man who worked as a produce weigher. His job seemed to be enjoyable to him mainly because he earned some money and when he would weigh out the basket of peaches he would sneak one peach into his pocket, resulting in having 12 peaches in his pockets and all the way around his giant cloak everyday. When he was caught with all the peaches one day this resulted in him being accused of being a thief. Even though he seemed like a generally happy man he was very poor with no home and rags for clothes. He lived day by day on the stolen fruit and little money earned. As for his opinion on crime, he did not accept it. Even though he committed a crime of stealing everyday, he was against crime and everything Serpenera was involved in, his “dirty business”.
Part 2 1. Serpenera was also a very tall, thin man who seemed very stealthy. He tried to convince Testagrossa to come with him to a “palace” where he could have a suit and a pair of shoes to wear instead of rags, making him look like a gentleman. He seemed very conniving trying to convince Testagrossa to come with him and join him in his “dirty business”. By dirty business Testagrossa was referring to the way that Serpenera made a living, crime, violence, and robbery. He seemed to have a lot of money and accused Testagrossa of being a spy. He told him that everyone thinks he’s a spy and that if he joined him that he would be protected and no one would think he was a spy if he became “one of them”. He bribed…...

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