That It Could Never Happen

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Never thought it could happen
It was a cold fall morning with a light layer of snow on the ground from last night and I was ready to get the day going. I was out hunting this morning with my brother hoping that we were going to get the deer to fill our tags. We split up like we always do. I Went to the swamp he went to the feild. On my way there I was seeing what I thought were bobcat tracks but I didn't worry about it so I went checked to see if there was any markings in the near by tree line, Except there was nothing but another foot print in the trees behind the left side bank. There was nothing that was looking like there was anything that resembled a deer track to a scuf mark on any of the trees near the bank but when I got back from the scan of the area I heard a scraping so I stood still and i sat in the swamp. Then it was nothing that was heard from the scraping until I got back into the tree stand. When the scraping started again I went and started to work the sounds out andthink to of what it could be. I was about 100 yards away from the stand. I started to see that there was bark from trees that had been ripped off so went down to the bay of the swamp. I started see that there was tracks of deer but there were also prints that never seen before. It had the look of a dog but the tracks end on the far left side of the swamp were I couldn't go. I saw movement in the bush that was near the stand where my brother gutted his deer I had a idea what the animal might be so went to see if there was any way that there was a way that I couldn't an idea what the animal was than I had an idea. I went up where i the guts were there was only the intestine left, I looked up and saw the tail of the animal i rounded it up that the animal was a bobcat. I went to the house i yelled to my brother to grap his 30 odd six and I grabbed my 12 gauge. Before we went back out…...

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