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This story is about the Anga-Toe. It is big, has claws, sharp teeth, will eat you, monobrow, sex unknown. Well we will tell you a small story of The Anga-Toe. In there year 2010 there were two little guys named Trinton and Dakota and they were walking in the woods beating up frogs and then they saw it, it was HUGE!!!! It looked very angry, and then it saw the two and started to chase them, luckily they were fast and got away. But when they got to town (location classified) no one believed them. So now every time they are at a campout they tell this story.
There once was a cute little goat and her name was Ronda. One day Ronda was really thirsty and needed to find something to drink quickly with out knowing started to drink the atomic radiated pee from The Anga-Toe. One day Ronda met this nice little guy named Dillon and then they had a nice little baby but they realized that there baby had a disorder there was a small leg growing out of his ear, and that’s why there are birth defects.
Its was created by a future scientist from the year 2277 sent back to 1500 B.C. He was sent back because there was a nucular war in the year 2077. The scientist sent It back to make sure that the war never happened. To there mistake it only made it worse. In 2015, the U.S. discovered The Anga-Toe as well his atomic radiated pee. So for 62 years they kept it a secret. That is until the U.S. got into a war with China.
The Anga-Toe was a great help in the war. He went and peed on everyone that could find. But before It could get to everyone. The Dictator of China sent 77 nuclear missles to the great U.S. capital Washington D.C. The president, Mitch Fatal, was informed by the embassator to…...

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