The Art of Learning Online Versus on-Campus

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The Art of Learning
Online versus On-Campus
Kathryn Berry
Everest University

In my essay I will discuss the differences in what is expected of a student enrolled in an online course and a traditional student, how every person learns in a different way, and therefore would more actively learn in a certain environment, finances, schedule, and I will briefly discuss the job market for graduates. For me, online learning is an easier way for me to accomplish my educational goals because of my personal obligations. There are many aspects to consider when comparing on-campus learning and online learning.
According to a paper entitled “Traditional vs. Online Degrees,” “To compare an online student to a traditional student is like trying to compare apples and oranges” (Sakurai, 2002) . A traditional student has a teacher in front of him/her lecturing, answering questions, and encouraging him/her. An online student receives weekly assignments. Included, are the literature, PowerPoint presentations, and or videos about what they are learning, then a list of homework to get done. In order for online students to get help, they have to write an email or call their instructor on the one day they are available. Because of these differences, it seems that online education would be more difficult, but that is not always the case.
A student who has a hard time focusing on homework would not be well suited for an online education because all of the work is done at home. Unfortunately, many students feel that they are not given a real choice, since an online education is not as costly as the traditional route (in most cases). It is important for students to be comfortable with their choice, which means that when choosing a college, it is important to know your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to learning. When a student is a self-paced independent learner…...

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