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2. Rewrite the song "The Ballad of Lucy Jordan" into a short prose story. When you rewrite you should consider the meaning of the song in order to make the right priorities in your prose story.

My story starts in a comfy bed, underneath the silky-soft covers. My name is Lucy Jordan. My life has never been easy. I am thirty-seven years old, and I am probably never going to ride through Paris in a sports car, and never going to feel the warm wind in my hair while sitting in that same sports car. I’m what you usually would call a housewife. And reconsidering this title, you could probably call me a desperate one too.

I spend my day by doing several very exciting and challenging tasks. For example cleaning my big empty house, with no-one, except myself of course, too speak with. I also have an over dimensional gigantic garden. I can spend hours out there, planting flowers, remove weeds, or just let my eyes slide across my beautiful work, which I probably could have done a little better, but no-one never notices what I have done, so what is the point. Once, I actually ran naked through our own, normal human-empty, core-family street. What I did not know was that Mr. McJohnson had a day off, because of a cold. So of course he called the men in the cars with the blue and red light. They let me go, with a thousand dollars less in my pockets.

The age thirty-seven is not as bad as everybody say it is. I actually like my age. I know for sure that I am never going to drive in a sports car as fancy as Mr. McJohnson’s, but my biggest dream will always be to get away from this miserable place, empty from feelings and hope. Just drive through Paris, and feel the warm wind in my, newly washed and combed, hair. But I know that it will never happen. Or maybe it will.

I still remember the sweet voice of my dad, when he used to sing for my. I sat on his lap, and he…...

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