The Effectiveness of the Check and Balance System

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Self-Government Separation of Powers Checks and Balances
Of the people by the people
Authority to vote for and delegate the authority to elect government representatives
Ability to change the constitution or laws when need be

No one person or group has majority power and/or control
3 separate branches each with distinct power
Work together to serve the people Ensures the three branches work together
In place to prevent any single branch to have the ability to overpower the other
Prevents dictatorship

The Effectiveness of the Check and Balance System

In the creation of the Constitution the framers divided powers between the different branches of government. The three levels of government are executive, legislative and judicial. The framers wanted them to be separated in so that they could perform on different levels while still and yet not allowing one branch is more power than the other. The framers knew that in order to provide the people with the type of government that they were trying to build; they would have to put into place a system in which each branch would be held responsible for their actions and/or decisions. This is how the check and balance system came into existence. Each branch functions on its own and has certain responsibilities. Each branch even tries to have more power than the other however; with the checks and balance system that the framers put into place prevents this from happening (Patterson, 2011). With that being said over time the system has been extremely effective. Its main objective was to defeat tyranny and promote freedom. Moreover, while the system has defeated tyranny it has failed as a way of effectively promoting efficient government (Patterson, 2011). The three branches of government work to help each other out the President are…...

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