The Exeperiment

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“The Experiment”
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Kayla R. Sieracki

The plot of this movie is about an experiment, that goes very wrong very quick. It first starts off how they all get involved and how they get involved. Then goes to the “prison” and how they get split up into “guards”, and “prisoners”. It just gets worse from there. The “guards” treat the “prisoners” so low it’s very cruel, the “prisoners” don’t like it either, like at all. As time goes on all of it only gets worse. The “guards” think there the “boss” and can just do whatever they want to the “prisoners”. One of the “rules” for the “guards” is no violence what-so-ever other wise the whole thing gets shut down right away. The no violence lasted a little bit, but quickly changed into something much more, and much worse. That is the plot of the movie.

My favorite character is Travis, #77, and #17. I like Travis a lot because he actually stuck to what he believed in and wasn’t afraid to tell the “guards” like everybody else was. I like how he was the “leader” of the “prisoners” and he didn’t conform. I like #17 too because he has actually been in real prison before and he really knows what’s up, and what’s probably going to happen. I don’t like #17 as much as I like Travis though. Travis took a lot more then anyone else did too, I mean he got peed on and just stuck to what he believed in, until the end. He also didn’t care if he was going to get in trouble but he wanted to help his friend that was dying, and he didn’t even think of what would happen if he got caught. I also liked the nice “black guard” that after he help Travis got turned into a “prisoner” and he was #76. He stood up and said something was wrong when it was when he was a “guard” I like that he didn’t conform, like the rest of them did.


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