The Four Funtions of Management

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The Four Functions of Management
Carlota Linn
September 29, 2010
Kisar S. Dhillon

The Four Functions of Management One of manager’s greatest achievements is to engage in the function of planning. During the process of planning, managers analyze strategies, determine goals, and decide the specific actions to take to deliver strategic value to the organization. Planning involves deciding in what type of activities the company will engage to accomplish goals. Traditional planning helps managers create a business plan and let others implement it. In today’s business environment the function of planning is much more dynamic because it involves creating strategic value to the organization. Strategic value is a process in which users like employees, customers and government sectors use their energy, talent and ability to create value to the organization. Value “describes the monetary amount associated with how well a job, task, or service meets users’ need” (Bateman & Snell pg 19 (2009). For instance, Experian the global credit reporting company has to deliver critical information to enable consumers to make financial decisions. Experian managers carry out extensive research of data and analysis of national and local economies to make strategic decisions. In terms of service, Experian team members provide the tools and information organizations need to provide their businesses with competitive advantage. Experian business strategies benefit all stakeholders and the resources contribute to the organization’s present and future goals (Experian plc). Organizing is the second management function that should bring together resources and coordinate employees to build a dynamic organization. Traditionally, organizing involves creating an organization chart and setting administrative programs in place. In today’s’ business environment the…...

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...Four Functions of Management Rental Management Incorporated uses the four functions of management in its operations. The main objective of an organization is to achieve its mission. In order for the organization to reach its max potential, it needs to include the foundation of the four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. The understanding of the functions and how the organization uses them in its day-to-day process is important among the management team. Rental Management Incorporated, RMI, uses the four functions as a foundation to its success. The management team is the team that works with the people and resources to accomplish the organizational goals set in the four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. It is important to use each of them with one another to have the organization to function properly. Planning The first function of management is the planning function. An organization needs the planning process to develop the mission of the organization and the main objectives to take place. This function continues to expand upon the ideas of what the organization should entail and how it is to be established among the organization for success (Adam, 2009). The planning stage is the process of delivering strategic value from top-level management into the organization. Organizing The strategic management, also known as top-level management, begins the function of organizing. This......

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...The Four Functions of Management Marlowe McConnell MGT 330 January 13, 2013 Kathleen Dominick The Four Functions of Management Management requires a person to think strategically and organize a plan in order to be successful and build a lasting relationship with both the company that they work for and the team that they are leading. To achieve this, managers needs to implement the four functions of management; planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. The four functions of management are used in all industries and all management should effectively understand and utilize this skill to be the most productive and successful. Planning is the first step in the four functions; managers should create a detailed action plan aimed at some organizational goals (Education Portal, 2013). A plan should have a detailed set of goals to be achieved and the actions needed to reach those goals. The plan can be revised as goals are met or objectives change. The plan should include the objectives needed to reach the goal, obstacles that may arise, actions to reach the goal and to deal with obstacles, alternative courses of action, derivative plans, motivational tools, and how to implement a course of action. Strategic plan, tactical plan or an operational plan are usually implemented by the different levels of management in order to reach the different goals of an organization. A strategic plan would include the entire organization and a formulation of different......

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...University Of Phoenix Gabriel Medina Medina In this paper I will be talking about the four functions of management. I will explain each of the functions, and how they are put to use by providing real life examples of each one in my current work place. Planning is the beginning foundation of management it involves recognizing the companies goals and developing strategies in order to achieve them. This will be a never ending process within management there will be many micro and macro factors affecting the company needs and goals. Organizing will be the second function within management, this process is very important so that each goal gets the merited attention it deserves with out proper organization goals will not be met. From organizing proper staff up to the allocation of company resources, organization skills will prove to be a vital component within the functions of management. Leading will be an essential because many can manage but few can lead. Many might ask what the difference is; well managing a task is to over see that work is getting done. But leading is to inspire, to motivate, to influence others to do their jobs. Many workers will do what manager tells them to do at work, but when a leader tells to do something they are more proactive doing it. A leader has great interpersonal skills that can motivate his works to doing their jobs more willingly. Controlling is the final step, controlling the various functions within the company to ensure that......

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...| Four Tasks of Management | Michelle Brown | Issues in ManagementNovember 11, 2010 | | | | In any company big or small you have to have mangers/management. Management has it Benefits and rewards. I was a manger for my own company called basic Katering & . I loved being in management but with management comes a lot of responsibilities Management. The reward would be better pay, reaching your goal, being in authority, but everything has its ups and downs. In management you have to be friendly but firm, you have to be loyalty, a hard worker, reliable. With the good you have the bad as well. The down side in management is that you have the authority of firing people, having to work long hours and in most cases you’re a set in a routine which can become boring and not for filling. There are four tasks that management must do to make your company great. The four functions are planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. In planning management must realize that planning is the key component. Planning allows you to evaluate where the company is and where the company is going in the future. Organizing also is a strong trait management must have, For if the management is not organize the company will not last and it will show in a very short time if the management staff is not organize. Management has to have directing skills for influencing and overseeing if the goal of the company is being meant. Many management staff gain influence through......

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...FOUR FUNCTIONS OF MANAGEMENT Within every business structure are managers. No matter the type of business, a manager’s job is essentially the same across the board but there are four functions of management to consider regardless of the leadership style. In short, those four functions are to plan and implement plans to achieve the organization’s goals, to organize those plans while directing employees in their own roles and ultimately controlling the plan to function as an effective manager. Planning: The manager’s main duty is to determine what the organization’s goals are and what actions to take in order to achieve those goals. Think of it like a football coach creating a playbook to help his team reach the Super Bowl (or something like that). A manager is responsible for creating a ‘game plan’ to reach a specific goal. For example: A weekly plan may include meetings, creating employee schedules or receiving a report that details statistics. These are all actions that a manager plans to implement on a weekly basis. Organizing: Whether it is the employees or resources, the manager is responsible for organizing the daily functions of it all. What shifts are needed? How many employees per shift? Are the employees reaching their set goals? If not, why? These are only a few of the questions asked in the organization process of the management functions. This process can also be considered the backbone of all the management functions due to the fact that this step is more......

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...The Four Function of Management Milton Turnbull MGT/230 November 4, 2013 Mohammad Yunus The Four Function of Management The fundamental management principle is the hub that drives successful management practices in the business environment today. These fundamental function of management planning, organizing, leading, and controlling when apply positively can only bring success in any business environment. Planning is the function that drives the rest of the management functions toward success in an organization. It layout the guidelines that the other function of management feed on for a successful business operation. The activities that surround planning create a step by step list of resources to analyze current and future situation that will affect the organization internal operation. The management function that assembles financial, human, and informational resources is the function in management call organization. It is consider to be one of most valuable resources in any organization. The ability to transform employees through communication and motivation over time into performing their jobs achieving organization goal is the management function called leading. Leading today comes with a combination of encouraging employees to share ideas whether as a group or individual to develop new ways to make the organization successful. Controlling the fourth function of management managers effectively carry out to make employees keep by the set goals of the......

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...I read the article “Management Concepts-The Four Functions of Management”, written by Jayashree Pakhare. This article is on the four functions of management, but really there are five functions. The four primary functions are: Planning, Organizing, Directing/Leading, Controlling, and the fifth function is staffing. Planning is the base of which all other areas of management are built. It requires administration to assess where the company presently is and where it would be in the coming years. In strategic planning, management analyses internal and external factors that may affect the company, along with its objectives and goals. One primary tool used in strategic planning is SWOT Analysis. It is a technique that helps organizations find their strengths and weaknesses, identify areas of opportunity, and take preventive measures against threats arising from both internal and external environmental factors. Before planning the appropriate measures should be taken: set objective goals, develop planning premises, recognize limitations, have a plan period, formulate strategies and policies, perform operational planning, and review and appraise plans. Organizing is the second function of management and it involves getting prepared and organized. Management must organize all their resources beforehand to follow the course of action decided during the planning process. They have to try to find the best way to handle the important tasks and reduce unnecessary expenditure within......

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...When attempting to start a business, having a keen understanding of the goals of management through the main four functions of management is one key to seeing success, both with the operation and with employees. The first stage, "planning involves developing a systematic process for attaining the goals of the organization...Leaders make change happen through planning instead of reacting to change" (EntEd 2007). With this said, a vital part of the planning process on the management end will involve three important activities. The first of which will be to lay out the goals that will be set for the hypothetical sporting goods store used as the example, the second will be to create a business plan since "the development of the business plan greatly helps to clarify the organization's plans and ensure that key leaders are all 'on the same script.' Far more important than the plan document is the planning process itself" (McNamara 2007). During the process of coming up with this business plan, hopefully as a manager we can begin to foresee any challenges we might face, especially if those challenges arise because of unpredictable circumstances that even the most careful planning could not predict or take measures to prevent. In short, having a process that all members present at the beginning of the organization can understand and work with in the form of a business plan is the key to success. During this planning process as we begin to decide what some of the most basic......

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...The Four Functions of Management Loren Cohen Lynn University Leadership and Management of Business Organization MBA600 Dr. Lisa Miller September 02, 2013 The Four Functions of Management The four functions of management are an important part of being an effective manager. Some managers are only proficient in one or two of the four functions and not the others (Bateman & Snell, 2013). When this is the case, you as a manager are not performing as effective as you could be, as you are not capturing all of the necessary areas of successful management. The best managers are those that can be both effective and efficient. Those that do this while working with both people and resources to achieve the company’s goals are the successful ones. The four functions that you should be familiar with and practicing are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling (Bateman & Snell, 2013). Planning Planning in management is to prepare for in advance the proper course of action to take to achieve the company’s goals and objectives (Phulpoto, Shah, & Shaikh, 2012). Planning involves where you are now and where you want to be in the future and should be the foundation upon which all areas of management should start. Preparing in advance for the unknown and sometimes uncontrollable environment that management faces (Phulpoto et al., 2012). Planning also described, as ‘delivering strategic value’ that at times can be very complex (Bateman & Snell, 2013).......

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...Four Functions of Management A successful manager is one that leads his company to a stated objective by using all means available for accomplishing it by known procedures, guidelines and resources accessible. In order to reach this concept four functions are recognized. The four functions of management stated are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Each of these functions helps the manager in a specific manner to aid in his managerial role. Many recommend following these four steps in order to achieve the success anticipated for future plans of the company. All four of these functions need to be given an equal amount of time as they are important elements in any organization field. Planning is setting your ultimate goal, plan and task it in a convenient way. First goals need to be set, then strategies and standards need to be implemented, last resources have to be obtained and collected. The manager later needs to assign chores and goals for the employees to undertake in the next step in the heirachary. This is implemented in staffing agency by having a fore plan of the suitable candidate requirements; a goal set, and guided steps one needs to use to choose him/her. It usually answers the following question: What is the current situation in hand? What is the destination I want to reach? How do I reach this goal? In many situations the plans need to be changed, therefore usually a DOM (Daily Operations Manual) is used recommending employees to read through them......

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...Lindenwood University Four Functions of Management Management Concepts Michelle Combs Principles of Management Dr. William Dean 29 January 2015 Michelle Combs Dr. William Dean Principles of Management 29 January 2015 Outline Management: Four Functions of Management in a Business Thesis: Management in the world, whether big or small, is accomplishing goals for the company he or she work for. To be a successful business or organization depends on how well management utilizes the four function of management, rather it is effectively of efficiently. To understand better the fundamental function of management, one must define management. The four functions are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. I. Planning is the first function of management. A. Strategic planning is the process of analyzing. B. Tactical planning is the intermediate process. C. Operational planning assumes the existence of goals. II. Organizing the function which managers are coordinating. A. Building the organization. B. Attracting people to the business. C. Creating conditions for people to work together. III. Leading is stimulating people to be high performers. A. Leading is the day to day contact with people. B. Inspiring the team to achieve goals. C. Focus on motivating the team. IV. Controlling is the function that monitors performance. A. Implementing the plans of the organizations. B. Making sure that......

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...Four Functions of Management Paper Thomas Jennings MGT / 230 March 12, 2012 Margaret Terrasi Four Functions of Management Paper To make a company truly successful creativity and monetary wise it realize on management who also makes sure that rules and regulations are enforced. If you have management that is not a team player it could affect the output of employees that are under him/ her. Mangers are there to make sure that everyone feels comfortable and that they are being part of something bigger then themselves. This comes from team cohesion exercise to planning team events for the office so others can interact without being in the confines of the work place. A true manager is one who is a thinker, a creator and one who leads by example and those around them want to emulate them. In order to have success in management you must master the following in order to make sure everything is covered. You must start planning daily, weekly and monthly if possible in order to keep everyone on the same page. By planning a manger can map out what a solution is to a certain task may be beforehand. (The Free Dictionary, 2012) This is an important skill this allows the manager to try and anticipate any problems that may arise. Organization and planning go hand and hand, by organizing you’re pervading a structure in which you want others to follow. (The Free Dictionary, 2012) This attribute is important this alleviates a lot of confusion when pertaining to multi-tasking giving...

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