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The Great Plain

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The Great Plains— To the Point

Geography- West of the MS River
*1800 Territory in the plains included North Dakota & South Dakota, Nebraska, and states such as Texas
* Great Plains had very hot summers and very cold winters, very rainfall which droughts few sources of water very few trees
- conditions not fit for farming
*Before the late 1800s U.S. settlers did not settle the plains. Farming The Plains
*Farming the plains was difficult
* Gov’t encourage settlement by passing the Homestead Act
-$160 acres
-$10 registration fee
- live on farm land for 5 yrs
*Houses was made of sod because of lack of trees Farming Technologies
- Cast Iron wingmill- allowed them to pump waterfrom wells.
- Steel plow- to wooden plow would break in dry hard earth of the plains Cattle Industry Mechanical binder- tied and cut the grains or crops simultaneously
- barbed wire- replaced wooden fences

Rise of cattle industry
-abundance of cattle in Great Plain
-herd of cattle numbering about 2,500 were taken on long drive (cattle trails such as the chilsoln trail which was San Antonio, Texas to Abliene, Kansas) to
Ship stations in Kansas and Missouri
-African American Cowhand- Nat Love
Decline Of cattle industry
-overproduction costs the product to drop
-weather (droughts, blizzards)
-barbed wire led to development of cattle ranches

3 160 acre plot of land
7 Form of transportation that crossed the Plains
9 Earliest human occupants of the Plains
12 A tall bluish prairie grass
13 Fleet-footed Plains animal
14 Indian who mourned the passing of the buffalo
18 Range animals driven to market
20 Warm dry wind from the west
21 Wolf-like predator found on the Plains
23 Muckraker who exposed meatpacking industry
24 Person who herds cattle
25 Gun used to subdue Indians | DOWN
1 Feral animal tamed by Indians
2 Artist who painted Plains Indians
4 Plants that dominated the Plains
5 Animal sought by fur traders
6 Period of aridity
8 Machine used for pumping water
10 Introduced range animal that competed with cattle
11 African American mountain man
12 Animal captured by Indians in cliff drive
15 Trail from Texas to Abilene, Kansas
16 Settlers who first came to the Plains
17 Yard for livestock
19 Fencing used by farmers and ranchers (2 wds)
22 Entrepreneur who obtained wealth from beaver | Revival of Labor Unions
*Mobility and Diversity of Americans labor force.
*Differences in language, religion, and customs among immigrants.
*Labor leaders had different goals (some one wanted one large labor union, others wanted unions organized by craft).
*Opposition from employers they did things such as: fire people, place blacklists used lockouts hired scabs (replacement workers) Problems with Public Image
*Labor unions were held responsible when disorder occurred.
*Employers suffered no consequences for blacklist or lockouts.
*When union leaders stood up they were often jailed or even fined.
*Whenever contracts were made between employers and unions, they were not enforced.
* Overall labor unions had a negative image. The Knights of Labor
*Terence Powderly was the leader supported equal pay for woman temperance, abolition of child labor and the eight hour workday.
*The knights accepted both skilled and unskilled workers (which were mostly women and African-Americans).
*The unions declined because it was hard to unite everyone into one large labor union and the bombing incident at Haymarket square.

*The knights became associated with violence after this incident and membership declined.

Political Cartoon from Gilded



Growth of Industrlization
Industry, business, factories, corporations, and manufacturing production.
Factor that led to industrial Growth
*Abundance of natural resources
-Natural resources such as iron coal and petroleum were used in the U.S.
-These raw materials/ natural resource were used to make finished products.

Growing labor force
-Workers were more mobile in the U.S. than in Europe
-European immigrants provided cheap labor
- Number of U.S. citizens doubled due to immigrants Public Polices
-The government polices helped industries to grab
-Government believed in laissez faire which means let alone
-Government let business alone by not passing a lot of laws to restrict business Private Investment
-New Englanders invested money that they had earned into factors

The Workers Plight
Health & Safety Hazards
*Workers breathed dust, stone dust, coal dust and toxic fumes
*Factories contained n large and dangerous machinery which could cause injury.

Unfair Conditions of Employment:
Long hours for low wage. Some were required to live in company towns (ran by the factor or company owners). Some were paid scrip (money) that could only be used at the company store

Job Insecurity
The business cycle- a period of prosperity, depression, recovery- caused many individuals to lose their jobs especially during a period of depression.

Child Labor
Children as young as six were working in factories
Families needed the extra income
Child labor laws were evaded
The jobs were dangerous for children

Gilded Age

*Organized many moved to the city to work in the factories to work as machine peratars and machines.
*They built skyscrapers to allow upper expansion.
*Steal beans were used to make skyscrapers
*Overcrowded cities caused one production, unsanitary, conditions, spread of diseases and crime.
*The herb guild means to apply a thin layer of gold to an object to make it appear more valuable.
*Historians adopted Twains titled to describe a period of Americans history characterized by prosperity & industrialization that thinly disquished corruption by poverty.
*Political machines got support from immigrants/ the political machines provided the much need services- such as buying groceries bailing family members out of jail, attending & hosting cultural events—all in exchange for voters.
*William Boss Tweed was the leader of New York most infamous political machine to many hallor the tweed king.
*Political machines stole money & were often involved in corrupt practices. Urbanization
*As industries grew, so did the cities, in order to make room for growing cities, buildings were expended vertically or upward.
*Skyscrapers which were built using steed beams, provided the additional space for the gravity cities.
*Cites were often over crowed which led to disease, pollution, an sanitary conditions & crime.
*Immigrants often lived in tenement houses which were the breeding ground for disease such as typhoid.
*Mass Transit was created to relieve congest on city streets.
*Horse Cars- Cable Cars ( San Francisco)- Electric Frolley Car- Elevated role cars (Chicago-Subway systems (Boston then New York).

Word Find For Imperialism

G | W | Z | Q | J | Q | U | H | C | P | E | K | C | M | E | B | N | J | X | P | S | E | A | C | A | Z | I | S | T | O | L | O | E | G | Q | E | N | C | L | M | K | I | A | Y | V | M | N | A | E | E | T | F | P | C | R | L | R | C | U | C | L | O | L | O | K | E | P | J | U | A | O | O | M | C | L | O | P | Q | R | Z | H | I | A | N | T | T | L | L | I | I | A | I | T | Y | N | O | L | O | C | T | T | V | U | F | A | O | W | Y | B | Z | G | I | E | H | - | M | Z | L | A | M | Q | L | G | N | X | T | T | N | W | T | I | D | I | E | H | T | R | A | P | A | O | A | O | S | C | K | Q | E | V | Q | W | Q | D | N | R | Y | M | Z | L | K | K | J | Z | Y | R | Y | C | L | P |

Boxer Rebellion- open door policy
Imperialism- Spanish American war
Spanish American War- 1898

Monroe Doctrine- Protect Americans from imperialism additional territory after S.A.W Philippines, Guam, Puerto Rico
Platt Amendment- before war Cuba gets independence
Teller Amendment- after was Cuba gets independence

*Panama Canal- shortcut between Atlantic & Pacific Oceans
*Roosevelt Big stick Diplomacy
*Big Stick Diplomacy- Latin America
*Latin America- Mexico, South American, etc.

Remember the Maine- Spanish American war, Hawaii (1898)- strategic lacation, Alaska- bought by U.S. from Russia- (William Seward)

Yellow Journalism- Exaggareated stories rough riders- Roosevelt & volunteer soldiers, Spanish American War Election of 1992
*Roosevelt’s New Nationalism
-State & federal laws to promote human welfare
-laws to protect women and children

*Candidates for the election
-William H Taft Republican Incumbent
-Woodrow Wilson, Democrat
-Theodore Roosevelt, Progressive

*The Progressive Party
-New third/ Minor Party
-Ball moose Party

The Populism

*After the collapse of the Grange, farmers began to join new organizations or alliance, Northern Alliance

*Inflation- more money in circulation than available goods and services which results in higher prices

*Deflation- less money in circulation than available goods and services which results in cheaper prices

*The Gold Standard
-When a country’s currency is backed by gold
-Gold standard was hard to use because the world production of gold was not as rapid as the world production of gold was not as rapid as the world production goods.
Bland Allison Act
-required U.S. treasury to buy silver and issue currency against it
The Populist Party
-Was a third party (which is another name for a minor party) The Progressive Era
Progressive- improve, move forward
Progressive Era- wanted gov’t w/o corruption protect workers and the poor.

Muckrackers- Progressives that wrote about problems

Ida Tarbell- Exposed Rockefeller
Lincoln Steffens- Graft in city Gov’ts
Ray Stanard Baker- racism
Upton Sinclair- The Jungle
The Jungle- Meat Inspection Act
Pure Food & Drug Act- Requires labels on foods & drugs

Voting reforms citizens got active role
*iniaitive- citizens propose laws to vote on
*Referendum- lawmakers propose laws for citizens to vote
*Recall- Voters remove elected official from office
*Direct primary citizens choose candidate for the general election. 15 Amendment | Income tax | 16 Amendment | Direct Election of Senators | 17 Amendment | Prohibition Of Alcoholic | 18 Amendment | Women Suffrage | Progressive Amendments

Progressive Presidents- To the Point!!!

Theodore Roosevelt
*The square Deal: 1) Limited business monopolies (trustbuster) 2) expanded national parks (conservation) 3) protected workers’ rights (coal strike of 1902) 4) Placed restrictions on child labor.
* Used Forest Reserve Act to increase national parks.
*Expedition Act made antitrust suits a priority on court dockets
*Hepburn Act (1906) gave the interstate Commerce Commission more power.

William H. Taft
*Was chosen by Roosevelt to carry out the square Deal.
*Signed the Payne Aldrich Tariff which was one of the highest tariffs.
*Supported Ballinger over Pinch; and backed Cannon
*Was believed to have “sold the square deal”.
*Caused Roosevelt to re-enter politics

Muckracker | Political Economic, Or Social Problem | Magazine or black in which critism appear | 1. Lincoln Steffenas | a. Shocking graft and corruption in city government | McClures Magazine | 2. Ida Tarbell | a. Corrupt business practice of standard oil company economic | | 3. David Phillips | | | 4. John Spargo | Social Problems | b. The bitter cry of the children | 5. Ray Stamard Baker | a. Revealed the long pattern of discrimination against African American in both the South and north | b. Following the color Line |

1917 US enters WWI --

Roaring -- * (1925) Great Depression

--- 1941 US enter WWI cold war ---

---- 1951 US enters Korean War --- 1954 Civil Right Movement

1964 enter war with vietnam---



World War 1- War to the end all wars, The Great War, Trench War
Causes of the war- Imperialism, Nationalism
*Allies France, Great Britain, Russia, Italy the United States
*Central Powers—Germany, Austria, Hungary, Ottoman Empire

Event which sparked the war- Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinard of Austria by a Serbian.

United States tried to stay out of the War, President Wilson promised to remain neutral

Reasons for U.S. entrance into the war resumption of submarine warfare by the Germans, The Zimmerman telegraph.
U.S. entered the War in 1917
*selective service Act increased the size of the army through a draft
*Espionage and Sedition Acts- prevented disloyalty among citizens

Funds for the war were raised by: *Taxing corporations the wealthy *taxing items such as tobacco liquor and luxury *selling liberty bonds to citizens

War on the home Front
*War industries board created to sell the war
*Citizens planted victory gardens, conserves energy participated in rallies, movies, speeches all to help the war effort.

War Technology *Machine guns, armed airplanes, poison gas, tanks, submarines, bombs
Fighting took place in trenches- Trench warfare *Western front—Northern France

After the War Wilson wrote the Fourteen Points a plan for peace in Europe
*Wanted the U.S. to join the League Of Nations- They did not

When several companies engaged in the same business
*has larger plants
When several companies engaged in different but related business practices combine Horizontal Vertical…...

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...Solutions Manual 29 Chapter 3 continued 0.0 m/s Ϫ 0.0 m/s ϭ ᎏᎏᎏ a. What is the average acceleration of the bus while braking? 40.0 s Ϫ 0.0 s ϭ 0.0 m/s2 ⌬v a ϭ ᎏᎏ ෆ ⌬t 5. Plot a v-t graph representing the following motion. An elevator starts at rest from the ground floor of a three-story shopping mall. It accelerates upward for 2.0 s at a rate of 0.5 m/s2, continues up at a constant velocity of 1.0 m/s for 12.0 s, and then experiences a constant downward acceleration of 0.25 m/s2 for 4.0 s as it reaches the third floor. Velocity (m/s) 1.0 0.0 m/s Ϫ 25 m/s ϭ ᎏᎏᎏ ϭ Ϫ8.3 m/s2 3.0 s b. If the bus took twice as long to stop, how would the acceleration compare with what you found in part a? half as great (Ϫ4.2 m/s2) 10. Rohith has been jogging to the bus stop for 2.0 min at 3.5 m/s when he looks at his watch and sees that he has plenty of time before the bus arrives. Over the next 10.0 s, he slows his pace to a leisurely 0.75 m/s. What was his average acceleration during this 10.0 s? ⌬v a ϭ ᎏᎏ ෆ ⌬t 0.0 5.0 10.0 15.0 20.0 0.75 m/s Ϫ 3.5 m/s ϭ ᎏᎏᎏ 10.0 s Time (s) ϭ Ϫ0.28 m/s2 11. If the rate of continental drift were to abruptly slow from 1.0 cm/yr to 0.5 cm/yr over the time interval of a year, what would be the average acceleration? ⌬v 36 m/s Ϫ 4.0 m/s a ϭ ᎏᎏ ϭ ᎏᎏᎏ ϭ 8.0 m/s2 ෆ ⌬t 4.0 s 7. The race car in the previous problem slows from 36 m/s to 15 m/s over 3.0 s. What is its......

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