The Importance of Effective Communication

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Communication is an important part of life. It is vital and used in our everyday life styles, whether it is direct or indirect, words or simply just actions. Communication is the process of understanding and sharing information where listening plays an important role. One must have acceptable communication skills in order to be expressed clearly. Communication in every relationship is important. Effective communication is an essential element of success for every marriage, organization, and school.

Marriages address daily situations through communication. Effective communication in a relationship means verbalizing needs and listening carefully. It may be as simple as, what is being prepared for dinner, which is driving the children to their afterschool activities, or even deciding on where to travel for a vacation. Communication in a marriage creates unity. When there is no unity, the relationship is on life support and will soon succumb.

As in educator, effective communication is critical in schools. Being able to communicate is an asset in order to be an effective teacher. In the classroom, communication doesn’t just convey information but also encourages effort, modifies attitude, and prompts thinking. In order to reach the different learning styles and levels that are housed in your classroom, communication must be different and diverse in order to fit the needs of your students. Effective communication builds a positive environment with students, parents, and colleagues.

The use of proper etiquette in the discussion forums is giving us practice as we are being prepared to communicate effectively with others. As a professional, this tool will be used daily to express our ideas, give feedback, and build self-awareness. The constant use and practicing helps us learn from each other and also see that our…...

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