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The Kiwa hirsuta The Kiwa hirsuta is more commonly known as the Yeti Crab is an interesting little organism. It comes from the Domain: Eukarya, Kingodm of: Animalia, Phylum: Anthropoda, Class: Malacostraca, Order: Decapoda, Family: Kiwaidae, Good: Kiwa, Species: K. hirsuta. In order for an organism to be classified into the Kingdom of Animalia, it has to have specific characteristics. The most frequently used cataloging information would be that the organism has to be multicellular. They must also have aerobic metabolism in which oxygen helps to create energy within the organism. Another way to tell if an organism is to be classified into the Kingdom of Animalia would be that they produce genetically varied gametes. They also feed on other organisms’, usually plants and/or animals, and they digest their food within their own systems (Bradshaw, PP, p 21). The Yeti Crab is a crustacean that was just recently discovered. The Kiwa hirsuta was first observed in 2001, but it was not until March of 2005 that this organism was discovered by Macpherson, Jones & Segonzac, living in the depths of the Pacific-Antarctic Ridge, just south of Easter Island in the South Pacific Ocean. Scientists believe that they have a limited geographical area, keeping near to the 38 degree S and the 100 degree W. They also consider that the Juan Fernando Microplate may play a part in keeping the Kiwa hirsuta in this area (Marine). This lovely little creature usually only grows to be about six inches long. The most prominent feature of them would be that they have blond setae (blond hair) covering their legs. The hairy legs are one of the main reasons that the people who discovered them called them the “Yeti Crab”, mainly
because they thought they seen a resemblance to the “Yeti” (the abominable snowman). They are also thought to have vestigial membranes where eyes would…...

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