“the Messiahship of Jesus from Nicodemus’ Perspective; According to John”

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“The Messiahship of Jesus from Nicodemus’ perspective,

according to John”


Dr. Joseph Pak


NBST 615




October 6, 2013


THESIS STATEMENT:…………………………………………………………………………..1




THESIS STATEMENT In John’s gospel account, it is clear from the first words of chapter 3, that Nicodemus sees Jesus as something special, but he is never recorded as saying anything confirmatory with regard to this, much as the disciples did on many occasions, whether the Lord was asking them to or not.

INTRODUCTION Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus is very clearly a teaching moment and John Points out that Jesus takes full advantage as the Christ, to teach Nicodemus the old dog, some new tricks. We will explore John’s descriptive journey the Teacher of Israel learning more than he could have hoped to from the Teacher of all teachers.

In the fourth gospel, John gives us everything we need to know about Nicodemus in the first verse of chapter three, but he does not say ok, thanks for coming, you’ve been a great crowd. No, he continues on to give us more detail in the account of Jesus’ meeting with this very spiritual, yet lost man. The fourth gospel writer calls Nicodemus a “Man of the Pharisees”, and “Ruler of the Jews”. We can make certain assumptions based on the historical details we know of the Pharisees, and how the Jewish ruling class behaved toward each other, their people and God. I completely agree with…...

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