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The Pentagon’s New Map: It Explains Why We’re Going to War and Why We’ll Keep Going to War

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The reason Barnett supports going to war in Iraq is not simply that Saddam is a cutthroat Stalinist willing to kill anyone to stay in power, nor because that regime has clearly supported terrorist networks over the years. The real reason he supports a war like this is that the resulting long-term military commitment will finally force America to deal with the entire Gap as a strategic environment. The primary division in the world today, he says, is between two sets countries that he calls the Core and the Gap. The Core consists of advanced countries that play by the rules and are committed to globalization (primarily Europe, North America, and Japan) plus countries that are committed to getting there (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and some others). This is a form of shrinking the gap aka promote globalization.

The less connected to globalization, the greater the chance is for U.S. military response.

However, the Middle East is ripe for change, a stronger “bully” could push it forward.

Focusing America’s military might in the Gap will set the conditions for globalization of nations in the region. Our presence in Japan and Western Europe generated extremely successful Core states.

The Gap is everyone else: a collection of disconnected, lawless, and dangerous countries such as
Colombia, Pakistan, and North Korea, plus most of the Middle East and Africa. American military action since World War II has been confined almost exclusively to the Gap, which means the task of the United States over the next several decades — and in particular the task of the United States military — is to shrink the Gap and eventually convert the entire world to the values of the Core. Only then will America and the rest of the current Core be safe. Regions not connected to globalization present the greatest threat to the United…...

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