The Process of Phantom Eviction

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The Practice of Phantom Eviction

Having an unwanted guest in the home is never an easy thing and something no one likes to deal with, especially when that guest is a soul stuck between the living and the dead. Recognizing the presence of a spirit, ghost, or phantom, in the home is usually hard for us to do. However, when we do come to terms with the fact that there is indeed a phantom lurking about in our home, preying on our fears, having a simple field guide to direct us is a must have, and I have provided here just such an effective tool to use along the journey of evicting any disembodied nuisance from the home. During phase one, what we need to remember is that most phantoms will not try to harm us, so being afraid and rushing to take drastic measures against the phantom is not the best initial approach. Often times, this will only make the phantom angry and cause him to become more unruly in the home. To easily rid the home of this entity, try taking a calm and passive approach. Don’t simply ask the phantom to leave because that would be too abrupt. Create a civil relationship with the phantom by respecting it’s presence even if it is not welcomed. Start by cooking something delicious every evening in your home, as if entertaining Martha Stewart. Who doesn’t love the aroma of a good pork tenderloin seasoned with salt, garlic, and sage, cooking in the oven?! Most phantoms will get the hint that they are not invited to this tasty dinner and excuse themselves from the home. Being passive and calm includes ignoring the phantoms’ attempts to make contact with us, or to scare us. If ignoring the phantoms’ efforts does not work, why not try being scared of the wrong things. For instance, if the cabinet door swings open and pots and pans fly out, try to stay calm and then focus on something else in the room. Run over to the refrigerator and exclaim that…...

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