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What is a virus and how does it work? Before you read about vaccines you should have a little bit of an informational back around of what the vaccine was invented for; and that can also be known as a virus. A virus is a small infectious agent that can reproduce only surrounded by the cells of other organisms. There an epic debate in the sicftic community on where they alive or not most believe they are not because are not made of cells, cannot reproduce on their own, do not grow or undergo division , do not transform energy , lack machinery for protein, synthesis are so small that they can only be seen with an electron microscope. Viruses are composed of nucleic acid, proteins and, in some cases, lipids as well. Nucleic acid, which can be either DNA or RNA, encodes the genetic information that is necessary to make copies of the virus. Often viruses can be passed on by touching , Body fluids such as blood, saliva and semen can contain the infecting organisms and transmission of such fluids, for example by injection or sexual contact, is important, particularly for viral infections like hepatitis or AIDS.

How do vaccines work?
During the small pox epidemic Mr. Edward Jenner noticed that the milk maids who caught the cowpox virus didn’t catch smallpox. Later in 1796 he created a small serum with a weaker form of the small pox virus the (ect. The Cow Pox) so that the body knew to recognize the virus before it did any major damage.
Mr. Jenner’s pioneer vaccine had opened the gate-way to many if not all of the vaccines used for both man and animals now days. Somewhat like Mr. Jenner’s vaccine today vaccines houses a dead or weakened part of a germ or virus that is causes the infection. The germ has been killed or weakened before it is used to make the vaccine; it can’t make the person sick. When a someone receives a vaccine, there body makes protective antibodies.…...

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