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The study examines the American involvement in the Vietnam War, and the different consequences that this caused. During the war in Vietnam, a lot of American citizens got more and more upset about the war itself, thinking that it was meaningless for American soldiers to die for a cause that they did not believe in. Also the Medias massive covering of the war enlarged the protests, and pictures and videos of dead or massacred Vietnamese civilians aroused great disapproval in the Western world of the American government.
The paper also contains an analysis of how the book “The Things They Carried” shows the influence that the war had on the soldiers. The author of the book, Tim O’Brien, was a soldier in Vietnam himself, and in the book he tries to give a true picture, both of the war in general, and of the war that he experienced himself.
The study discusses whether or not the USA has learned something from their failure in Vietnam, compared to how they handle the war in Iraq.
It concludes that the Vietnam War had a great impact on the way of thinking for many young men and woman from that time, and that it had a horrible influence on the soldiers – who had very high suicide rates among them in the time after the war. It also concludes that there are too many similarities between Vietnam and Iraq, and that this can be a bad thing for the USA.


Abstract 1

Indledning 2

Krigen på hjemmefronten 3

Mediedækningen 4

Anti-krigsbevægelsen 5

My Lai Massakren 7

The Things They Carried 8

”Spin” 8

”Enemies” & ”Friends” 9

”The Man I Killed” & ”Ambush” 10

”Speaking of Courage” 12

”Notes” 14

“The Lives of the Dead” 15

The Vietnam in Me 16

Irak: Det Nye Vietnam? 18

Konklusion 20

Litteraturliste 22

BILAG 1 23

BILAG 2 24…...

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