The Taking of a Life

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The taking of a life
Elbert Turner
Grantham University


ABSTRACT The act of taking a life should be banned because it deliberately destroys a human life. The act of abortion is another form of murder. The embryo is a still an underdeveloped human being with the same right as the parents. The taking of a human life by another human life is easily defined as a homicide, which will be punished by law. Many people don’t know what abortion is, who can receive an abortion and why people would even choose to get them. While we are on the topic of abortion, I am pro-choice.

THE TAKING OF A LIFE 3 The act of abortion should be banned because it means deliberately taking a human life. I believe that every form of the act, without any exception should be outlawed because it is taking a life. From the moment that a child is conceived, embryo to birth, that child is a human being that is separate from it mother. The taking of a life by another human being is defined as a murder and is punished by law. I also feel that a woman’s body is her own to do whatever she wants. First, before a person makes a decision to abort a child, they should know what abortion means. The dictionary defines abortion as: The termination of pregnancy and expulsion of an embryo or of a fetus that is incapable of survival. That means inducing birth to kill the fetus, or baby before it is carried to full term. Sometimes early in a pregnancy, a woman will go to their doctor, and take a pill, it would terminate the pregnancy. If the woman is…...

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