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Most businesses have developed to be global businesses and operate in various countries in the world. Different regions have different cultures, and therefore, expanding businesses have to deal with people of diverse cultures. Managers who operate in these regions need to be trained about cross-cultural awareness. These cross-culturally competent managers are able to relate and manage people from various cultures effectively in contrast to people who are not cross-culturally aware.
This paper aims at developing a training program to raise cross- cultural awareness among a group of global managers in our organization. Culture will be define, then an understanding of cross cultural awareness , what cross cultural awareness entails and the impact it makes on organizations in multinational corporations and the importance of the training program will be discussed.

Cross Cultural Training for Junior Level Expatriate Managers in IT Field
Developing culturally competent program is an on-going process, there appears to be no one recipe for cultural competency/ awareness; it is a continuing evaluation, as we persistently adapt and re-examine the way things are done.
Our organization participates in a management training program which requires all junior level managers to go thru a two year rotation program in our countries of operation; USA, China, Nigeria, UAE and India. These managers are expected to spend 1 year in their first country of assignment and then 3 months in subsequent postings, thus they are constantly expected to engage in interpersonal interactions with people from cultures different from their own.
The organization recognizes challenges and risks expatriates face when they are in unfamiliar territories, thus, this program is expected to provide introductory cultural awareness to help trainees develop self-maintenance skills, development…...

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