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The U.S. Economy, 2009

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Case study – The U.S. Economy, 2009

Executive Summary
In this paper, we will make research on the US economy development from 1990s till today.
In the beginning, we will discuss the US economy historical path that shaped its structure and key forces defined the U.S. adaptability to changing economic environment.
In the major part, we will evaluate the sources of the U.S. productivity and economic growth in terms of key economic indicators and success factors, including the government role.
Finally, we will analyze the causes of the U.S. financial and economic crisis, commenting on the reforms undertaken and their impact to date.

1. Evaluate the forces underlying U.S. adaptability to changing economic forces.
Key forces of the US adaptability to changing economic forces were low-wage competition from foreign countries, and the growth of new high-tech industries. Mexico and China’s low-wage competition forced to intensify changes and adjustments to compete effectively with, while many cities with skilled workforce and university research centers enabled technological capability for new high-tech businesses, small and medium (Cadieux, 2009).
Differences in economic structure, forced by the differences in regional economic performance, were one of the key forces that created a unique system of US adaptability to changing economic forces. These forces shaped the US regions to adapt and “specialize” in the way that provided competitive advantage for each region. Northeast was focused on expansion of white-collar office jobs in the business sector and university research to build foundation for the high-tech industry. Midwest lost millions of jobs as a result of cheap imports and generous welfare program and expensive regulations which pushed workforce and firms to move to South with its low wages, huge and growing federal government’s military expenditures…...

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