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This is the job.
The Case of the Mexican Crazy Quilt: Linderman Industries
1. Was Linderman Industries' adoption of project organization an appropriate one for getting the Mexican subsidiary started?
2. In consideration of Robert Linderman's letting the division managers know the project manager would be asking for some of their key people, why would Conway have any difficulty in getting the ones he wanted?
3. Would you expect that many people would turn down a chance to join a project organization, as Bert Mill did?
4. Why would Conway take his problem with the engineering vice president to Linderman and have it resolved in his favor, yet back down in two disputes with the manufacturing vice president?
5. What could Linderman Industries have done to assure good jobs for the people coming off Project Mexicano, including Carl Conway, the project manager?
This solution explains the management of operations for Linderman Industries and the beginning of their Mexican subsidiary. It helps the student understand the listed disputes and attempt to problem-solve for the company. ef: Carl Conway has been appointed manager of the Operation Mexicano project for Linderman Industries. The company is opening a subsidiary in Mexico. Conway has a number of problems assembling his team, primarily from other managers. Even so, the project succeeds and the transition of the Mexican plant to come under Mexican management is accomplished within the expected time line. This paper discusses 5 questions: Was project management an appropriate approach? Why did Conway have trouble getting the people he wanted on the team? Would you expect people to be willing to join the team? Why did Conway take one problem to Linderman but not others? What should the company have done about…...

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