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Thomas Money Service Inc. established in 1940 with the intent of providing small loans for household needs. The success of the company has led them to expand their services which include business loans, business acquisition financing, and commercial real estate loans. In 1946 Thomas merged with a company that specialized in equipment financing called Future Growth Inc. This merger, although was a risky move was a proven success for The company as they became a competitive company in forestry and construction industry with an advantage in the market. For over 67 years, the company has seen continual growth and financial success. Because of the current economic conditions this past year the company is experiencing significant losses in their stock values and as a result the company has to layoff some employees.
Massive flooding, forest fires, animal activist protesters in addition to the economic crisis are all reasons why the company is experiencing a 30% loss in sales from the previous year. Based on the loss in sales and other rivals in the equipment manufacturing industry that can offer substitutions Thomas Money Service Inc. has requested an analysis of the situation to determine the way ahead on how he can turn the company around and re-establish his status in the industry.
The intent of this proposal is to provide a recommendation on how the company can increase revenue, achieve ultimate production levels, determine how fixed and variable costs can be adjusted to maximize profits, suggest a mix of pricing and non-pricing strategies, and create barriers to entry into the market if possible. This proposal will also look into ways on how the company can increase product differentiation, and if there is other means to minimize the cost for the product.
Increasing Revenue
Based on the data from Thomas Money Inc. the first recommendation is to develop…...

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