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The Origins of Evil

To many human beings when they hear the word evil what automatically comes to their mind is the devil. Evil to me means someone that does something morally wrong that can cause pain or injury to someone either physically or mentally. I have many examples of someone that I would consider evil. One of them would be a convicted murderer, a person who has taken the life of another human being that has cause pain to the family and of course to the one whose life was taken away. Another one would be Hitler he just has that evil reputation. He didn’t care if they were women, children, seniors he took their life’s and he didn’t care he had no feelings what so ever he caused so much suffering and pain on all of the families.

Our environment and our upbringing have a lot to do with how someone becomes evil. Our environment such as the neighborhood that we grow up on or the group of people that we interact has some effects of how we can become evil. They always say be careful with who you hang out with because their bad behaviors will influence your own behaviors. For example if someone grows up seeing people getting shot at in the streets or just seeing violence one grows up thinking that its ok and that that’s the way how life is. They become that evil person that may end up taking someone else’s life. Our upbringing also affects it too if there is abuse in the family such as domestic violence and sometimes rape. There are many factors that can make a person instantly make the wrong choice that can trigger them to take the wrong path and make the wrong decisions.

Evil can be understood better in a genetic kind of view. They always say that when someone turns out evil it has to do with their genetics that it’s in their blood. They are born with both the mom and dad’s genes. If either one of them has…...

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