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31 Jan 2014 Three Jewels in the rough Being the eldest of six siblings and cousins I was the one that had to set the example, this was the role I had to fill and this was what my great grandmother had instilled into my mind. I never thought of being the one to lead by example I always wanted to play around with my football and hot wheels, watch Dragon Ball Z, Pokémon, and Tom and Jerry all night long. But one night I remember vividly being in the kitchen while my granny was cooking dinner one Sunday night. My granny pulled me to the side while she told me to set up the table, and told me “Son in life you must work hard, and work hard for what you love, and when things get hard you never ever give up on what you love, you give it your best and when you think that you have given it your best you continue till you get what you deserve, you hear me Jr?” I told her “I do” How ironic? Like marriage, I would carry those words to death. I was only 11 at the time, and I felt like Goku from Dragon Ball Z with a mission that embarked on a journey filled with problems. But I would have that warrior ambition just like Goku, being humble and fight till the end for what he loved. I never knew why she told me what she had told me but I was soon to find out why when I fractured my jaw in four different places.
Knowing that let me start off by telling this story with my heart. I have an enormous love for Football there is this passion that drives me to be the best that I can be, the relationships built, the atmosphere, the feeling of winning, having exerted all physical and mental even spiritual energy in a game makes my love grow. I love working hard in the weight room to achieve that inner satisfaction that feeling of accomplishment. I felt exhausted and fatigue during those hot summer practices. I remember chilling in…...

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