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1. What are the areas of learning that you acquired from the training? 2. Provide some recommendations on how you can apply the learning to your workplace. Elaborate.

The area of learning that I acquired from the training is Pareto Principle – “80% percent of the value comes from 20% of the items.” Of the things we do during the day, only 20% really matters, therefore at work, I should prioritize the main items to be done everyday and avoid wasting time on the 80% that are not important. For example, fillings of unimportant documents do not need to be done straight away. It can be done during tea break and utilized the normal working time to complete other more important tasks.

Another area of learning from the training is Murphy’s law – “If things can go wrong, they will go wrong.” There are areas that are beyond our control therefore for any occasion, we would need to perceive that there will be uncertainty in life and estimate more time for completion. For example, when work assigned need to be completed within the day, I should complete as much as I can in the morning because there might be disruptions during the day or new assignment that is urgent to be completed first but still cannot delay the proposed tasks.

The last area of learning is to understand on task values. One should aim to schedule 60% of your time for proactive tasks, leaving the other 40% for reactive and maintenance tasks.
One should focus on completing things that are anticipated to happen (proactive tasks). For example, I can take initiative to prepare the work-related documents before hand and prepare monthly report in advance. If I had made full preparation ahead, then I can have more time to deal with reactive and maintenance task such as incoming telephone calls, weekly meeting and keeping database up to date.…...

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