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Should Facebook remove all gender options or create more? The Guardian - 5 hours ago Facebook recently added over 50 custom gender options for users in addition to "male" and "female". While the site's move has largely been ... Bigender, Cisgender, Two-spirit: Which of Facebook's new 50 options are you? Mirror.co.uk - 2 days ago 3. Facebook -…...

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...Mac OS X Lion Power User Keyboard Shortcuts v2.0.1 Visit MacMost.com for Mac and iPhone video tutorials, news, reviews and commentary. ⇧ shift ⌃ control ⌥ option ⌘ command ⇥ tab ↩ return ⌫ delete Finder Commands ⏏ eject ⎋ esc Mission Control ⌘ space Spotlight menu ⌃↑ View Mission Control ⌘ ⌥ space Spotlight window ⌃↓ Show appʼs windows ⌘⌫ Move to trash F11 Show desktop ⇧⌘⌫ Empty Trash F12 ⇧⌥⌘⌫ Force Empty Trash ⌃← ⌘N New Finder window ⇥ Show windows for next app after ⌃ ↓ ⇧⌘N New Folder spacebar Enlarge window under cursor after ⌃ ↑ ⌘I Get Info ⌥⌘I Show Inspector ⌘ Y or space Quick Look ⌃ F2 Focus on menu bar ⌘E Eject selected volume ⌃ F3 Focus on Dock ⌘J Show view options ⌃ F5 Focus on window toolbar ⌘K Connect to server ⌃ F8 Focus on menu bar status icons ⇧⌘A Open Applications folder Then, use ← → ↑↓ to navigate, ↩ to select, and esc to exit ⇧⌘C Open Computer folder ⌘↑ Open enclosing folder ⌘F Find Show Dashboard ⌃→ Move between spaces Keyboard Control Focus Switching Applications and Windows Advance to next app ⌘` Text Editing ⌘⇥ Next window in current app ⌥⌘D Hide/Show Dock ⌘← ⌘→ Go to the start/end of the line ⌘↑ ⌘↓ Go to the start/end of the document ⌥← ⌥→ Go to the previous/next word ⌥⌘8 Toggle zoom feature...

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French : Impossible to Objectively Judge

...comprendre celle des autres . Le premier exemple qui vient à l'esprit est la colonisation des XVIème et XIXème siècles qui sont une preuve de la difficulté des hommes à juger la "culture des autres". La colonisation à comme principe de base que la culture colonisante à une valeur plus noble que la culture colonisée : "Je répète qu'il y a pour les races supérieures un droit, parce qu'il y a un devoir pour elles. Elles ont le devoir de civiliser les races inférieures» affirmait Jules Ferry au XIXème siècle. Suivirent ensuite grâce à cette certitude le génocide indien au XVIème siècle puis l'Apartheid en Afrique du Sud. Cette superiorité culturelle est basée sur des critères materiels comme l'argent ou les armes . La Bande déssinée de Hergé : Tintin au Congo illustre la colonisation qui était la solution idéale pour s'en sortir . Avec ces premiers exemples nous avons déjà montré la difficulté d'échapper à sa culture et de prendre le recul suffisant pour juger objectivement. B] Impossible de juger avec une objectivité totale : Il est impossible de juger avec une objectivité totale .Un jugement est une opinon que l'on donne . Or l'opinion croit penser , et le plus souvent ne fait que véhiculé les tendances et les pensées du milieu dans lequel nous vivons. Donc notre jugement est subjectif. De plus il peut être basé sur l'interprétation des faits qui eux même sont le plus souvent subjectifs dès qu'ils sont rapportés . Prenons comme exemple Montaigne qui dans ses Essais......

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...could affect the purchasing behavior of consumers by purchasing new products of Snazzy because the high status of the consumers in society could restrict the consumer by purchasing new energy products in the place of existing branded products in the market. Family: Family strongly affects the purchasing behavior of consumers (Atchariyachanvanich & Okada, 2007, pp. 63-78). The nature of new product is directly related to the health of the people hence; the family members could not accept it easily. At the same time it is the nature of families that they accept only those products that are effectively established in the marketplace. Age: It is an important factor that makes direct influence over the purchasing decisions of the customers (Tintin, 2011). Hence, age is a factor that could influence the new energy product of Snazzy. The teenagers would easily adopt this product in the comparison of senior people because they require energy drinks to maintain their energy level. Lifestyle: Lifestyle is also an important term that could affect the purchasing behavior of the consumers because it includes several factors such as interest of customers, and their opinions. Nowadays, the use of energy drink is also present the new lifestyle of the people that provides the new way for the people to do their work as a milestone for other people of the related community.  ...

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Chap22 Exercises

...of 1% of gross selling price Items 6 through 8 are based on the following information: Revenues of the current period P400,000 Collections during the period: Of revenues of prior periods 50,000 Of revenues of the current period 300,000 Of revenues of the succeeding periods (advances) 10,000 6. Business tax if a common carrier of passengers: a. b. P12,000 c. 22,800 d. 10,800 e. 21,000 7. In the preceding question, if the business is a night club a. b. P64,000 c. 64,800 d. 72,000 e. 21,000 8. In the preceding question, if the business is a race track a. b. P120,000 c. 228,000 d. 210,000 e. 108,000 9. Tintin Dera is the owner of a small grocery store with gross sales in any one (1) year period that do not exceed P1,500,000. She is not a VAT registered taxpayer. She submits the following data for the first quarter ending March 31 of the current year: Merchandise Inventory P123,450 Gross Sales 67,800 Purchase from VAT registered suppliers 156, 980 The percentage tax due is – a. b. P34,823 c. 6,780 d. 2,034 e. 9,876 10. AM, a transportation contractor, had a contract with RMC to transport its products to its outlets. For the first quarter, RMC paid AM P371,250 net of the 1% expanded withholding tax. The net business taxes due from AM for the first quarter is a. b. P11,250 c...

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Spielbergs Work

...(computer generated imagery), a prime example of these are his films like ‘Jurassic Park’ and ‘E.T the extraterrestrial’. He made such movies at a time, when computer generated graphics were merely a source of comic relief, and looked very fake and cheap. He actually, made incredibly good use of the, at the time limited technology available to him and made it look good, realistic and appealing on screen. Spielberg has also been a pioneer in the sense that he has always looked to make unique films, i.e. topics that haven’t been tapped before and his work does not stick to any particular genre. For example his array of work includes movies like ‘Jurassic Park’, ‘Saving Private Ryan’, ‘Indiana Jones’, ‘War of the Worlds’, ‘E.T’, ‘Jaws’ and ‘Tintin’. So he has been exploring through various categories like Action, Science fiction, Adventure, Drama etc. Producing some movies where it is Man vs. Beast, Man vs. Nature or Man vs. Man. He makes use of a very dramatic shooting style in his films, which have also won multiple awards over the years, which reflects his phenomenal success over the years. Notably, academy awards for ‘Saving Private Ryan’, ‘Schindlers List’ and “Indiana Jones’....

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Auteur Theory

...movie--indeed, any children's adventure worth its salt--which is kids versus adults. The moment you reduce the threat from a bullet in the head to a rap on the knuckles, you are sacrificing not only the dramatic stakes but also the movie's underlying mythic conflict” (Rose, 2010) How does auteur theory influence audiences and critics, using examples from film criticism, film marketing campaigns, and your own personal experience The auteur theory can affect the way a film is marketed by giving directors recognition for their work such as movies by Peter Jackson in the new movie the Hobbit due out soon everywhere you turn there is a commercial for this movie because he is so popular with his other movies such as Lord of the Rings and Adventures of Tintin that were blockbusters, but directors who are not as popular will not be marketed as well. “When a famous director makes a good movie, we look at the movie, we don't think about the director's personality; when he makes a stinker we notice his familiar touches because there's not much else to watch” (Kael, 1963). References Goodykoontz, B., & Jacobs, C. P. (2011). Film: From Watching to Seeing. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.  (Chapter 7.3, Paragraph 1) Kael, P., Kauffmann, S., Lambert, G., & Sarris, A. (1963, April). Films of the quarter. Film Quarterly, 16(3), 61–64. Kael, Pauline, Circles and Squares, Film Quarterly , Vol. 16, No. 3 (Spring, 1963), pp. 12-26, Published by: University of California......

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Comic Market

...Today’s Comic Culture in India Manan Kumar A Brief History The realm of comics has evolved relatively later in India than in the West. Around three decades ago comics were not much in vogue in India. The selection that was available was in the form of imported digests and books like Tintin (originally French private detective), Asterix and Obelix (superheroes of Gaul, erstwhile France), Archie and Commando (war stories of World War II) etc. A costly product for an average Indian, these comics were rather available to the children of the wealthy. The change came in the mid ’60s when a leading newspaper publication house of India launched Indrajal Comics. It was the first serious effort directed towards the evolution of comic culture in India. Well within the buying capacity of middle class children, Indrajal Comics made foreign comic heroes like “Phantom- the ghost who walks”, Mandrake the magician, and Flash Gordon household names in India. The immediate success of Indrajal Comics gave a further boost to the indigenous comic industry and in 1967 came the educational comics series called Amar Chitra Katha (Immortal Picture Stories) by Anant Pai, who is also considered the father of Indian comics. A welcome change, Amar Chitra Katha effected a fusion of the rich treasure of folk tales and exploits of mythical and legendary characters in comics. Each of the comics in this series was devoted to a person or event in Indian history, religion and mythology. Anant Pai......

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I Love You

...I start everything I write with a “I don’t know…” but this time I do. I know what it is that I want. And if I don’t get it then we can’t be what we are! Tintin I want you and I want you to want me the way I want you. I don’t like any bloody friend of yours. I don’t even find him good looking. I pretend so that I can spend time with you when we run out of topics in public. It is not like I was not living until you came along but now that I have met you, I have realized that how incomplete I was without you and how difficult it will be to go on without you. I see a future where we are together always. A place where we fight like siblings, argue like couples and care for each other more than anything in this world. I write when I am sad. And right now I am extremely sad. Behind these eyes I hide a lot of secrets and dark pasts. You know nothing about the life I have lived. I am not the really the happy-go-lucky girl. I am the quite little girl who is scared on the inside just coz I don’t want my heart to be broken again. Before I met you I had a guy in my life not a boyfriend but yes something very close to that. He hit me. I loved him more than anyone. He scattered my heart into a million pieces. I picked up the pieces and loved you. Loved you with whatever I had left. But not anymore, I can’t pretend to not love; I already am in love with you. You took my heart away the very first time you met me....

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...Leadership: East meets West While Western views on leadership begin by delineating an action plan based on a set of agreed upon objectives (logic of application), Chinese tradition views leaders as assessing the favorable and unfavorable elements in the surrounding situation so that the favorable elements can be appropriated as the situation evolves (logic of exploitation). While Western leaders often follow a logic of means and ends hierarchically arranged through an action plan, Chinese leaders tend to follow a logic of process where the evolution of the situation leads naturally to the desired end state, practically without a need for action. Finally, even within the West, monolithic leadership patterns are difficult to find (e.g. Tintin) So, what is a leader? Although leadership has been thoroughly researched, it is still difficult to find a definition that is thorough enough to describe this incredibly important managerial trait. Hodgetts et al. (2006) state that leadership is ‘the process of influencing people to direct their efforts toward the achievement of some particular goal or goals.’ Much research has been done on leadership in specific countries, but not on an international front. Two comparative areas provide a foundation for understanding leadership in the international arena: 1) The philosophical grounding of how leaders view their subordinates 2) Leadership approaches as reflected through use of autocratic-participative......

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...like my on play pretty two say says walk white B. Read the phrases. two pet cats a white cat likes to sit walks by can‟t have my mat a tan cat fat and pretty on a red mat jumps on the mat just wants to play 6 C. Read the story aloud. Then, answer the teacher‟s questions about the story. My Two Pet Cats by N. N. Hermosa I have two pet cats. Tintin is my white cat. Bimbim is my tan cat. Tintin White Cat sits on a red mat. She is fat and pretty. She likes to sit on the red mat. Bimbim Tan Cat walks by. He jumps on the mat. And now Tintin is mad. “You can‟t have my mat!” she says to Bimbim. Bimbim is sad. He does not want the red mat. He just wants to play with Tintin. 7 Questions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. D. How many pet cats do I have? Who are they? Tell something about each cat. Why did Tintin get mad? Why was Bimbim sad? Which cat do you like? Why? Read the groups of words from the story. Write P in your notebook if the group of words is a phrase. Write S if it is a sentence. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. two pet cats Bimbim is my tan cat. to sit on the red mat fat and pretty my white cat Tintin is mad. You can‟t have my mat! Bimbim is sad. does not want Did the two cats play? 8 Draw and Write E. Which cat do you like? Draw her or him. Write a sentence about your drawing. Activity 6 Read and Learn A. Read the words. around basket black but crow do don‟t funny happy into jump oh swim that to too with what B. Read the phrases. a funny crow...

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Alive Nando Parrado

...personality is what saved Canessa from giving up along with many others, his stubbornness helped him accomplish his goal because he kept pushing himself up the mountain and always had an encouraging thought. Nando is an example of someone who shows leadership making he gets to the top; goals are sometimes high, but with a little push from others around you and no fear in falling its that you will succeed. Antonio “Tintin” Vizintín also shows goals can be made with the help of others, and the sacrifices you make with others can benefit yourself. He took the chance and went with Nando and Canessa hoping to test their physical and emotional state together by climbing the mountain, they found the tail of the airplane and in the surrounding area, piles of suitcases, inside of which were food, clothing, and cartons of cigarettes. They found batteries inside the tail and also, better sleeping conditions than the fuselage. They had a sense of hope and each person had the opportunity to feel closer to being recuse and survive. One of the hardest things for Antonio “tintin” was It is important for the reader to understand that people need to make sacrifices for their goals and it will give them courage to face anything. Which will result in a positive outlook and be beneficial towards their life. In conclusion, if we all face-threating forces with the same courageous resolution as the speaker in the story, Alive, we will overcome any challenges that confront us....

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Me Kop

...déclinaison de ses initiales inversées : R.G., George Remi. Il est principalement connu pour « Les Aventures de Tintin » et est souvent considéré comme « le père de la bande dessinée européenne ». Georges Remi naît le vingt-deux mai mil neuf cent sept à Bruxelles dans une famille appartenant à la classe moyenne. Il entre à l’école primaire alors qu’éclate la Première Guerre mondiale et que la ville est occupée par les Allemands. Déjà doué pour le dessin, il dessine dans le bas de ses cahiers les aventures d’un petit garçon aux prises avec les envahisseurs allemands. Au cours de ses études secondaires dans un établissement catholique, il se révèle être un élève brillant, souvent classé premier de sa classe. Par contre, et aussi étrange que cela puisse paraître, ses résultats étaient catastrophiques en dessin où il n’obtenait pas la moyenne des points requis ! En mil neuf cent vingt et un il entre dans la troupe scoute de son collège où il reçoit le nom totémique de « Renard curieux » ; les idéaux du scoutisme qui lui sont inculqués auront une influence non négligeable sur sa future carrière. Il publie ses premiers dessins dans « Jamais assez », la revue scoute de son établissement scolaire puis, à partir de 1923, dans « Le Boy-Scout belge », le mensuel des scouts de Belgique. Slide 2 : L’œuvre maîtresse d’Hergé est incontestablement « Les Aventures de Tintin ». Traduites en QUATRE VINGT ONZE langues (dont quarante-deux langues régionales), vendues à deux cent trente......

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Aladin Modernization Essay

...Stop right now!" the policemen yelled, storming through the alleys and streets after the offender. Luckily for Al, he knew this part of New York very well, for it was his home turf - Brooklyn. "You'll have to look towards the skies to catch me, sirs!" Al yelled, smiling as he and his dog jumped onto a ladder and climbed up to a balcony. He kicked the ladder away and it fell, leaving the enraged men lying flat on their backs, cursing at Al as he ran off onto the above-ground railroad system. Al and his pup, finally relieved, walked back down into a secluded alley space, where they decided to sit and eat their prize. Even though the bread was cold, they knew it was worth the danger and the trip. All in a day’s work! "All right Tintin, half for you, and half for…" Al suddenly stopped, spotting two homeless children looking in a trash bin for possible leftovers. He watched as they scavenged a couple of half-eaten steaks and apple with a little more than a core left, eyeing the skimpy portions. "...me..." Al finished, his voice no more than a low murmur as he looked from his share of the bread to the kids. He decided to tear off a piece of the bread and give it to them. "Here... I've been in your situation before, don't worry,” Al whispered, holding out the offering of bread. The kids' eyes lit up with excitement as they took it, splitting it so that they could eat equal amounts before shoving it hungrily into their mouths. As Al was doing this, the......

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Amar Chitra Katha

...investment. 2. About Amar Chitra Katha Since its inception in 1970s, Amar Chitra Katha witnessed success by entering the niche segment of comic industry, the Indian traditional method of storytelling and transfer of mythological knowledge. It became popular in early 80s with all-time favourite titles like “The Mahabharata” and later by “Tinkle”. A. Challenges of ACK Since 90s, with the entry of colour televisions, Amar Chitra Katha has been facing challenges due to the change in the interests of children towards substitute productes. Although a pioneer in mythology oriented comics, ACK faces tough competition from other indigenous graphic content companies (Chandamama, Champak, Children’s Digest, etc), international comic books (Tintin, Asterix, Marvel and DC titles, etc). With the changing times the penetration of television and internet media (animated cartoon movies and children shows on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Pogo, etc.), YouTube video channels and digital online games also pose a major challenge. Also, the contribution margin for Amar Chitra Katha is decreasing with the increasing costs and decreasing sales volume. Traditional advertisement is not faring good for Amar Chitra Katha, and it is looking at other avenues for increasing profitability and increasing sales. B. Strengths of ACK  Good content generation – ACK has developed expertise in generating good and authentic content who go through hundreds of reference before developing the story and......

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Mcdonald's Hot Coffee Case

...decade reducing the amount of sugars, saturated fats and calories contained in its foods, as well as adjusting portion sizes. Happy Meals have been afforded particular attention According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US, 17% of children and adolescents between the ages of 2 and 19 are obese, and the issue has been given a great deal of airtime, with First Lady Michelle Obama keen to draw attention to the problem. McDonald's has once again found itself in the firing line or, more specifically, its popular children’s offering the Happy Meal has. First introduced in 1979, the meal has become an iconic part of the McDonald’s menu, and includes a free toy often linked to popular children’s films like Toy Story and Tintin. MCDONALD’S CORPORATION CASE STUDY © MARKETLINE THIS PROFILE IS A LICENSED PRODUCT AND IS NOT TO BE PHOTOCOPIED ML00001-040/Published 01/2012 Page | 8 McDonald’s critics claim that the trinkets create a clear connection between children and fast food that is difficult to break, and the city of San Francisco has gone as far as to introduce legislation stating that meals cannot include toys unless certain nutritional requirements are met. McDonald’s Happy Meals fall foul of these stipulations, and so the toys are not included. In 2011, the company announced that it was to make the Happy Meal healthier by reducing the amount of French fries by more than half and automatically including three to five apple slices. Furthermore,......

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2nd Quarter Reading Paper 2014 | American Crime | Şimdi Onlar Düşünsün