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To Adjust or Not to Adjust: the Case of Bnb Credit Union

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Case 2: Ethics
To adjust or Not to Adjust: The case of BNB Credit Union

ACCT 315-01
September 5 2013

Personal Ethical Code
What do you consider to be right and wrong? I am a Buddhist. What I believe to be right is to follow five precepts of Buddha: abstaining from harming living beings, stealing, sexual misconduct, lying, and intoxication. In addition, I will follow rules and regulations made by specified society or countries or organizations. On the other hand, not following the conducts mentioning above will result in wrong doings for me.
What is your priority in life? My priority in life is to stay alive with good health and to obtain a regular and sufficient income. My top priority is to make my family, as well as the people around me happy by providing love, support, financial security, care and protection.
How far are you willing to go to make money? I do not have specific limits when it comes to money, but I need a sufficient income to afford a normal, comfortable life. Truthfully, I want as much money as I could get, but it must be from honest and legal business practice. Honestly, since my country, Myanmar, is a developing country, I would like to make enough to contribute to my society.
How do you wish to treat others? I will treat people in a nice and friendly manner, even if they are not treating me nicely during our first meeting. However, the next time we meet, I will be careful with people who were not nice to me because they could possibly get me into trouble. As a Buddhist, I do believe that what you get comes from what you have done. At first, I like the “Golden Rule”, but after being exposed to different cultures, I don’t think the Golden Rule will work as well. Therefore, I will “treat people the way they want to be treated” (p 108 Business Communication Today)
How do you wish to be remembered someday? Very simple it…...

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