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When unemployment hits, it affects more than just your wallet. Unemployment has become a global problem. The financial crisis that has hit the world, and is ruining many people’s lives.
In the story, we are told about a man named Tobias who used to be a history and Spanish teacher, but because the number of students went down, he was fired. After that, he just kept getting fired from every job he got, and now he has given up on everything. “I’ve had a life” line 19, he has given up on his relationship with Miriam, given up on finding a new job and given up on life itself. Tobias has grown careless and is blaming everything and everybody else for the way he is. On line 20 Tobias says “It’s not exactly my fault that I’m not working.” which implicates that he does not want to realize, that he might be doing something wrong himself.
Tobias has a girlfriend named Miriam, their relationship used to be good and Miriam used to smile a lot. Now her smile has disappeared, “Your depression is making me depressed. I wish you were busy. You know: with some kind of life.” Line 17-18, seeing Tobias like this, seeing him not care about himself or his life, is hurting Miriam. She cannot see a future in Tobias and definitely not a future with him.
Miriam works as a nurse, and is the supporter of the two of them. Since Tobias was fired, he has been living in her apartment.
Miriam and Tobias live in a normal average middle class society in Michigan, with a high unemployment rate. “Those people aren’t getting jobs in Michigan”, line 29. Hundreds of other people might as well be in Tobias’ situation.
Being fired from every job he found, losing his financial independence, and thereby losing his livelihood, has made Tobias feel inferior. His pride has taken a huge blow, now that he has to depend on Miriam. That Tobias feels inferior to his girlfriend, is proven on line…...

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