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I won’t leave you, don’t worry. We’re friends right? We’ve got to stick together.

She could still hear his voice and see the reassuring grin that his face bared when he told her that. A lone tear escaped her eyes as she looked at the tombstone before her, trying to stay strong. He hated it when she cried, he said. Not that it mattered if she cried or not, the heavy downpour of the sky did the job for her, the sky mourned with her. It must‘ve known… known that it wasn’t his time to die yet, that he should be alive, here with her.

Alexander James E. Devin

She had read the words engraved on the newly polished stone several times already and she still couldn’t believe it. He was gone. Her best friend was gone just like that.

“You said you wouldn’t leave me!” She shouted suddenly out of frustration, the sound of the rain muffling her yell. Lea finally broke down into a sobbing wreck and knelt down on the ground, crying. “Alex… Alex, you git…!” She bawled, pressing her palms to her eyes in a futile attempt to stop her tears.

Despite cursing a dead person, Lea is mostly angry at herself. Actually, she is angry at herself.

She was so selfish, so goddamn selfish that just thinking about it was absolutely revolting. For the past month she had been ranting and venting so openly to Alex about her life problems. About how she finds the idea of taking away her life so appealing every day and he’ll be there to comfort her. Always. Without fail.

They were always together. Every morning they would walk to school; every noon they’d sit beside each other as they ate in silence, simply enjoying each other’s presence; every afternoon they would walk home; every night they’d waste their time trying to help each other with homework or simply lay down on a grassy field and look at the stars as they talked about things that happened when they weren’t together and when…...

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