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Social Security Number Legal Name (Last)

Office Use Only (First) MO DAY (Middle (City) (City)

Check the term of Entry (one box only Former name (State) (State)


Spr Sex (optional) (Zip) (Zip)

Sum l

Sum ll

Date of Birth – Mo Day Year Home Phone Business phone

Mailing address (Number and Street) Permanent address (Number and Street) Place of birth (City) (State)


Are you a legal resident of Texas? Yes No

Are you a veteran? Yes No How long have you resided in Texas? From To

E-mail Address: Country of citizenship Type of visa if not US citizen

Ethnicity (Optional) This information is used for statistical purposes. White Asian or Pacific Islander (AP) Black/African American Chinese Samoan Indian (American) Filipino Asian Indian Japanese Hawaiian Korea Guamanian Mexican American Vietnamese Other AP (Print group) Latino Other Race (please print) Name and address of parent or alternative contact Have you previously applied for If yes, Year Department Admission to graduate status at Yes No Texas Southern University? Have you ever enrolled for If yes, From: To: Undergraduate Student Student Number, if any credit courses at Texas Yes No Graduate Student Southern University? List names of all colleges schools attended including Texas Southern University College or school name Location Dates Degree and date received or expected City State

Check box if you have taken or plan to take the following tests. Graduate Record Examination Test of English as a Foreign Language Graduate Management Admissions Tests

Date Score:

List all jobs held during the past 12 months beginning with the most recent position. Name of Company, Agency of Organization City State Zip From: Mo. /Yr. To: Mo. /Yr.

Attach a sheet if additional space is required.


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...Property Crimes Case Study # 49 Applied Managerial Statistics: GM533 Virginia Davis, Lauren Holder, Stanley Philip and Andrea Watson Executive Summary The Property Crimes study examined data provided by various U.S. government agencies on crime rates in the fifty U.S. states. Other data studied were eight possible contributing factors such as per capita income, high school dropout rate, average precipitation, population density, and urbanization. Analysis revealed, of the eight possible contributing factors, three of those variables (urbanization rate, high school dropout rate and population density) affected property crime rates. Of the given data, the model accounted for approximately 66% of the contributing factors associated with property crimes. Statistically, the data is generally considered to be strong, however, to account for the remaining 34% of factors contributing to property crime rates in the U.S., further data and evaluation of other possible factors would be necessary. Introduction Property crime, as defined by the U.S. Department of Justice (2011), is the taking of money or property without force or threat to victims and is inclusive of the following offenses: burglary; automotive theft, larceny and arson. An exception to the rule is arson, although it does not involve the taking of property, it does use force against victims. Additionally, crime is defined as an act of violence that is carried out by one or more individuals and can be toward......

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