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April 24, 2012

Tuft's Health Plan is an industry leader in providing PPO and HMO health plans to citizens in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, providing business, individual, and Medicare policies on a variety of levels. From minimal state coverage to extensive long-term health care planning, Tuft's seeks to remain a leader in providing health care as a non-profit organization and meeting the needs of citizens in order to assure that health coverage is not a luxury item.
Past Market Forces As with many industries, the health care industry is saturated with competitors in the provision of health insurance. Though Tuft's has made their reach concentrated through only providing within Massachusetts and Rhode Island, plans offer companies with multi-state locations to provide Tuft's care throughout all locations, in conjunction with CIGNA Health Care, with the home office being the customer hub. This foundation within New England gives Tuft's the ability to provide customer service on a more personal level than many competitors and also provides companies and individuals with a sense of pride and loyalty to a local provider and agents. Additionally, Tuft's has remained competitive through online access for patients and doctors to plan information, health care programs, and preventative care information. These innovations allow all involved with Tuft's to maintain not only access to health care providers, but with educational information in order to cut back on ailments that may be preventable, thereby ensuring that many can reduce medical costs through simple lifestyle adjustments that lead to improved health.
Current Conditions Since the economic downturn of 2008, there has been a decline in the health care industry as a whole as people have lost jobs and…...

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