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Tuition Reimbursement Report:
Financial aid from employers is looked upon as a major benefit (or perk) offered for positions within the company. There is an opportunity for both the employee and company to benefit from additional educational experiences, which is why this benefit has become such as big thing when people are looking for jobs.
Employers typically will offer up the financial funding to support an employee’s desire for educational advancement, and will not require any repayment of the money. A common trend for companies is to have the employees pay for the courses and materials up front, and then reimburse the money (or at least a portion) at the completion of the course, or semester. Some companies only reimburse a portion of the money at the completion of a course, in order to hold a sort of commitment with the employee to complete the degree. Once the employee completes the full degree, the “withheld amount” is then reimbursed over the course of a year or two. This is done in order to avoid employees from gaining a degree for free from one company and then leaving to work elsewhere.
The tuition reimbursement program is typically overseen and handled by a member of the company’s Human Resource department. This individual serves as the point of contact to ensure that the necessary criteria have been satisfied for each semester prior to approving reimbursements. Additionally any questions pertaining to guidelines and company policies related to tuition reimbursement for education should be directed to this member of human resources. Also, most companies maintain a decent amount of information related to tuition reimbursement on their websites, which is available to employee 24hours a day.
It is extremely important for an employee to assess their current position within the company, where they would like to go, and finally what the outlook…...

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