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• Jamie Turner reflected as he waited for his boss, Pat Cardullo, to arrive at office in September
• At age 32, Turner was struggling in his 3rd marketing management position since completing his MBA 6 years earlier
• Only 6 months into his current assignment at Modern Lighting Industries (MLI), he was starting to worry that his string of previous successes had hit a serious snag o Working for Cardullo had become as confusing, unpredictable, and frustrating as anything he’d ever experienced
• Cardullo, President of MLI, had interviewed Turner and invited him to join the company as VP for Marketing and Sales o Turner found Cardullo smart, friendly, even charismatic o Cardullo offered him a free hand in reorganizing the market area, and had all but guaranteed Turner would take over as President within 2 years
• Before long things began to go wrong: Cardullo started to seem distant and critical, and he intervened frequently in marketing decisions, sometimes undermining or even reversing Turner’s decisions
• The turnaround Cardullo was attempting to engineer at MLI had stalled, sales were again declining and things in general were rapidly deteriorating
• Turner felt it was critical to resolve his differences with Cardullo before Alan Oliver, CEO of Triple S (MLI’s parent company), arrived to review the situation in Chicago o Hoping to talk things out, he invited Cardullo on 3 different occasions to talk but Cardullo declined all 3 invitations
• Turner planned to approach Cardullo as soon as he arrived at the office today
• Attended Notre Dame, graduated near top of class, spend 2 years in new-customer development at Globalbank, went on to earn MBA from top-rated business school  joined Wolf River Paper, a world-class manufacturer and marketer of consumer paper products o Became product manager for disposable…...

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